December 5, 2011

Monday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (120511)

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Going Galt is NOT a figment of the libertarian right.


Michelle Malkin wants to know why Donald Trump has Eason Jordan producing his GOP presidential debate. So do I. This from 2003 is the main (but far from the only) reason he shouldn’t be anywhere near it:

CNN’s chief news executive Eason Jordan has admitted that for the past decade the network has systematically covered up stories of Iraqi atrocities. Reports of murder, torture, and planned assassinations were suppressed in order to maintain CNN’s Baghdad bureau.



Tim Tebow is 6-1 as the Denver Broncos starting quarterback. I can’t explain it, but I’m lovin’ it. So is Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin:

“When I hear all those ESPN commentators say, ‘He can’t do this,’ I laugh. After the game, I whispered in his ear, ‘Let ‘em keep hating. Keep ‘em hating on you.’”


Newt Gingrich is a recently converted Catholic (uh-huh). So of course he of the endless unforced errors said that life begins … at implantationbefore backtracking. Zheesh.


Andrew Malcolm: Ron Paul may win Iowa. Well, Iowans don’t like Mitt Romney (who HAS been campaigning to win the caucuses during the past couple of months, despite what Malcolm claims), and Newt Gingrich is off to a bit of a late start according to the conventional wisdom.

If Paul wins, it will be because his followers have hung in there through thick and thin. I don’t agree with the guy on several important matters, but you can’t help but grudgingly admire his often-annoying acolytes’ persistence. And I can generally say that I would trust Ron Paul to actually do what he say he will do (again, for better or worse). Sadly, based on their track records, I absolutely cannot say that about Romney, and I have serious doubts about Newt.



  1. Obama Congress end run alert:

    Report: Obama, UN to tax US for Green Climate Fund

    …”a new tax on every foreign currency transaction in the world,” according to the Center for a Constructive Alternative (CFACT). “Every time you travel abroad, you’ll have to pay a climate tax,” explains CFACT, the group that released the “Climategate” emails. “More importantly, every time we import goods, every time we export our fine products (think jobs) we will do so with a climate tax skimming off the top.”…

    …CFACT suggests that Obama is open to implementing this tax and similar policies in the absence of a full climate treaty, which would require congressional approval. “We have learned that while many have discounted this conference, knowing that a full climate treaty is difficult to achieve especially with a U.S. Senate that will not vote to ratify,” CFACT says. “Obama and his fellow climate travelers are working around the Senate and planning to stick America with the bill.”

    Once again Obama proves he Democracy is a process he would rather do without.

    Comment by dscott — December 5, 2011 @ 4:31 pm

  2. Geez, the more unconvincing their case, the more demanding they get.

    Comment by TBlumer — December 5, 2011 @ 5:10 pm

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