December 6, 2011

Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (120611)

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The Commander at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center recently decreed (near the end at link; HT Family Research Council) the following concerning the conduct of those visiting wounded and injured soldiers recovering there:


Apparently the ensuing outrage has been significant, as the Medical Center’s home page now has this grammatically challenged (“love ones”?) note:


Silly us. We thought that a ban on “religious items” was a ban on religious items. How did we allow ourselves to get so “confused”?


Occupy Movement Mini-Updates — This concerns the Obama-endorsed (proof hereherehere, and hereOccupy movement. Though largely abandoned by the leftist press, the movement’s outrages continue to pile up:

  • Verum Serum (“Murder Charge Filed Against Occupy Oakland Shooter”; SF Chronicle original report) — “Occupy Oakland media people told several news outlets that the victim was not part of the camp. That turned out to be a lie according to both the victim’s parents and other camp members interviewed by police.”
  • “Mostly peaceful” update — At OWS Exposed, Lee Stranahan interviews Occupy Berkeley spokespersons and asks them about violence. Response: “(We have it) every single day and evening, but we have a lot of people working on that.” Would that be keeping it going or preventing it? Given that they specifically have decided not to call in the cops, the presumptive answer is the former, no matter their claims to the contrary. There’s also this: “This is the same at just about every Occupy (camp).”
  • Verum Serum again — “Another Reported Sexual Assault, This Time at Occupy Lawrence”
  • UK Daily Mail (HT OWS Exposed) — “‘They’ve turned Occupy London into Animal Farm’: Anti-capitalist ‘elite’ accused of misusing funds and holding secret meetings in Starbucks; Some demonstrators accused of becoming ‘elitist’ with too much power; Rising tensions leads to the finance committee stepping down; One member accused of using public donations to fund flights to New York”
  • Los Angeles Times“Some Occupy L.A. arrestees feel traumatized, might seek therapy.” Get in line, folks — behind all the people traumatized by the Obama administration’s statist economic policies you clowns want even more of.


At (HT Instapundit) — “Climategate 2 Emails Loaded With Bombshells”


At PJMedia, via James K. Stinebower — “Gunwalker: Justice Dept. Violated U.S. Laws Beyond Those Being Investigated; I know, because I was the principal drafter of some of the legislation.”


“Rebound? What Rebound” Update (HT Doug Ross): Over 46 million Americans are now on food stamps.


Lynn Woolsey’s retirement from the House has apparently begun while still on the job.


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