December 8, 2011

Blogger Activism Gets Results: County Employee Withdraws Her Candidacy for Lucas County Recorder

Maggie Thurber, who to be clear did the lioness’s share of the dirty work on this one, has news about something I noted in the first item at yesterday’s Lucid Link’s post (links are in original, except that I added a link to today’s Blade, which as will be seen later, is above and beyond the call of duty):

I’ve previously written about Toledo School Board member and current county employee Lisa Sobecki’s ineligibility to run for partisan office. I also questioned why Lucas County Commissioners (who are fully aware of the prohibition) and The Blade failed to raise this issue when she announced her intent.

After seeing on my blog analytics that someone from The Blade had read my posts, I thought the issue might be highlighted. And, according to today’s paper, Sobecki has decided not to run for recorder …

… Sobecki has done the right thing. She should have known the law – but she did stop the illegal act of collecting signatures as soon as she learned of the prohibition.

While she may be disappointed that she cannot run for county recorder, she should be angry at being poorly served by her Democratic Party and her fellow elected officials in the commissioner’s office.

… Apparently, Democrats are used to getting away with such things and it’s only this blog and an interview on WSPD that prompted further attention to the issue.

But Sobecki may still have a problem. After being hired in 2010 by the county to work at their Department of Job and Family Services, she ran for – and was elected – to the partisan position of precinct chair. I wrote about this violation in February. If she hasn’t resigned that position, she is still in violation of state law and should face the consequences of being in violation for the last 18 months.

… This highlights why bloggers are so vital in this media age.

… We need more people willing to look into such issues and bring them to the attention of the public, and then hold our elected officials accountable.

Yes we do. It’s clear that the Blade didn’t get off its complacent collective butt until Maggie raised the issue, and as usual didn’t give credit where due.

I have a feeling that quite a few precinct chairs throughout the state have the same conflict Sobecki still has. State Attorney General Mike DeWine should look into it, pronto.



  1. Wait…are y’all saying that county employees can’t serve in the Central Committee (the elected variety in Butler County)???

    Can someone cite me some ORC for that, please? I got a LOT of work to do…

    Comment by Matt Hurley — December 8, 2011 @ 11:21 am

  2. #1 Matt, good question. Don’t know. Since you raised it, as you noted, you get to find out and report back. :–>

    Comment by TBlumer — December 8, 2011 @ 12:25 pm

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