December 10, 2011

Occupy Update (121011)

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been eight days since the last dedicated BizzyBlog Occupy Update.

In that time, a lot a really putrid stuff has piled up — just like at an Occupy encampment.

What follows is just a sampling of items which have appeared the past week or so concerning the Obama-endorsed (proof hereherehere, and hereOccupy movement.


The latest Maxine WatersThat’s Life, It Happens” Update:

  • John Nolte’s incomplete but nonetheless useful compilation at as of Friday, December 9 is at 417 incidents.
  • The total arrest count of 4,752 here is two weeks old, and is well over 5,000 by now.
  • Then of course there are the deaths (eight), sexual assaults (19 items in a very incomplete compilation), and other items over at (whose numbers are light in certain instances).
  • There is one line item in the OWS Exposed list which should never be forgotten — “Number of Tea Partiers Who Committed Such Crimes: 0.”


Here’s a unelaborated-upon bullet list (HTs to either Instpundit or OWSexposed unless otherwise indicated):

  • Dec. 5, Baltimore Sun“Woman stabbed at Occupy Baltimore encampment, police say; Police say dispute was over cat.”
  • Dec. 5, At Lagniappe’s Lair via Gateway Pundit“Occupy DC military ‘hero’ was actually kicked-out of military for smoking pot.”
  • Dec. 5, at CBS News“Occupy arrests in D.C., Ore., Tenn.” Over 30 in D.C. alone.
  • Dec. 5, at the LA Times“Occupy San Diego: Nine more arrested, one from a tree”
  • Dec. 6, at The Blaze“Cops toss cccupiers out of (Glenn) Beck book signing”
  • Dec. 6, at“Communists Work on a New Improved, Pro-Obama ‘Occupy’ Movement”
  • Dec. 7, at Verum Serum“(In Kansas Speech) Obama Swings Left, Signals Occupy Movement: I’m With You”
  • Dec. 7, at the Daily Caller“A protester affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement vomited on the carpet of a Republican congressman’s (Joe Walsh – IL) Washington, D.C. office Tuesday, according to the representative’s office.”
  • Dec. 7, at the Boston Globe (HT — “A Suffolk Superior Court judge today ruled against Occupy Boston protesters, denying their motion for a preliminary injunction that would protect them from eviction from their downtown encampment.” Bottom line: “Occupation” is not “speech.” Duh.
  • Dec. 7, from Des Moines“Neighbors: Occupy Protesters Took Evicted Man’s Belongings”
  • Dec. 8, at the Daily Caller“Occupy DC members disillusioned by union overseers’ tight grip”
  • Dec. 8, at the Harvard Law blog Space Occupants“‘Occupy Harvard’ Left Vacant”
  • Dec. 9, via Andrew Ross at (HT PJ Tatler) — “Union not keen on new Occupy Oakland port blockade (planned for Monday, Dec. 12)”
  • Dec. 9, at WorldNetDaily“Occupy’s ‘nerve center’ staffed by Soros activists; Professional radicals caught red-handed running so-called ‘leaderless’ movement.”
  • Dec. 9, at The Blaze“Occupiers shut-down filming of ‘Law & Order (SVU).’”
  • Dec. 9, at Gateway Pundit“Occupy Raleigh Protester Shoots Up Food Store… Injures 3 People… Then Shoots Himself in Barn.”
  • Dec. 9, at New York Magazine (Matt Drudge’s headline) — “Dems Move to Ban ‘Occupy’ from 2012 Convention.”

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