December 20, 2011

AP’s Kravitz Heralds ‘Beginning of Gradual Comeback’ After One Mediocre Month in Homebuilding

Lord have mercy, these people are looking anywhere and everywhere to turn an economic improvement molehill into something that sort of looks like a mountain.

Today, the headline to Derek Kravitz’s report at the Associated Press (“Rise in home construction suggests a turnaround”) reasonably reflected the underlying reality reported by the Census Bureau, but his first six paragraphs most definitely did not:


Unreported: Red States’ Contributions to Job Growth

The establishment press will never tell their readers, listeners and viewers that the five best-performing states in job growth through the first eleven months of this year, as well as nine of the top eleven, have relatively conservative Republicans occupying their respective governors’ mansions. If these eleven star performers had only performed as well as the rest of the nation, over 300,000 fewer people would be working, and the unemployment rate would be at least 0.2% higher.

As will be seen after the jump, the list, based on data released today by Uncle Sam’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, includes several against which the Obama administration has undertaken significant job-killing or job-deferring actions (i.e., these states have outperformed despite the handicaps, and would have done much better without them):


Subject Line: ‘The Rift’; Ohio Conservatives vs. ‘A Man Who Has Put Himself First’

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NoToKevinDeWine1211I’ve just been forwarded an email from Jim Woods of Medina, a suburb of Cleveland.

As seen here, Mr. Woods was among the sensible conservative dissidents who challenged ORPINO (Ohio Republican Party In Name Only, known to most as the Ohio Republican Party, or ORP) incumbents in the May 2010 Central Committee races during that year’s primary.

Also at the link, readers will see that Mr. Woods was the author of an April 2010 email wherein he declared quite accurately that “The ORP has declared war on the conservative majority.”

After mostly turning back the opposition in that May primary thanks to brazen voter deception and massive spending of party funds which should have been held for the general election, ORPINO Chairman Kevin DeWine and his staff have in the intervening 19 months back-stabbed candidate and then-Governor John Kasich in many ways large and small. Despite Kevin’s denials, this is a fact, and is not arguable.

Kasich’s people are so (completely justifiably) infuriated that they are attempting to unseat incumbent Central Committee members with successors who will not support DeWine. Wood’s email and the linked support he provides show that even if he loses the war this March and faces a hostile Central Committee, Kevin DeWine will act as if nothing happened (slightly revised for blog presentation; links were in original; bolds are mine):


The purpose of this message is to keep everyone informed of “The Rift” between the Chairman of the Ohio GOP and the rest of the GOP in Ohio. Please feel free to forward it.

The best summary of where we are now is at the media interview entitled “The Rift” at this link (click on “GOP Rift” when you get to the link — Ed.).

Additional info (but not a lot) can be gleaned from the lengthier interviews with DeWine and Batchelder. For additional background is the DeWine remarks to the Ohio GOP state central committee on 12/2/2011 at this address, and Batchelder’s memo on DeWine’s remarks.

There is one thing to me that is abundantly clear from DeWine’s consistent message, in both his remarks to the state central committee on December 2 and his more recent interviews with the press; he will not step down as Chairman. Not in order to prevent a costly Primary battle for state central committee seats, consuming resources that should be applied to the general election. Again, as he did in 2010. Not if a majority of the state central committee wishes him to step down. He is adamant that he will remain Chairman no matter what, until January 2013. Not if the war between him and the rest of the party continues right through the general election, with all the implications of infighting and intrigue within the party has on the Ohio Presidential election, and the possibility that the divisiveness in Ohio may result in Obama’s re-election.

This is not the action of a man who is committed to the cause. It is the action of a man who has put himself first. Conservative Republicans, liberal Republicans, social conservatives, and the “Tea Party” may disagree on many things, but one thing I think they can all agree upon is that a person who is in it for their own self-interest above all else, should not be in a leadership position.

Best regards,

Jim Woods

I certainly agree.

This is a man who would rather lock himself in his office and suck his thumb for eight months (if the Central Committee turns over), whine, and obstruct, even if it means four more years of Barack Obama ruining the country, perhaps (make that probably) irretrievably. If Ohio goes blue in the circumstances described, it will on Kevin DeWine, and Kevin DeWine alone — and he appears to be okay with that.

No one outside your small Central Committee circle of friends is, Kevin.


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From the ‘End of an Era’ Dept.; Enky Will No Longer Be Published Locally

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The Cincinnati Enquirer will no longer be printed in Cincinnati, because the Columbus Dispatch’s facility can produce the paper in a more reader-friendly format, and because (my opinion) the people running the show haven’t fully thought things through:

… Enquirer Media’s Queensgate print production facility will close next fall, impacting about 200 positions. Enquirer Media employs roughly 715 people in the region.

… Because its press equipment is newer, more flexible, and required a lower capital investment to retrofit for the new format, Gannett chose the Dispatch over the Queensgate facility to print the Enquirer.

… a press running 50,000 papers an hour can expand to 75,000 papers an hour.

… The increased speed, combined with more efficient delivery routes, will offset the geographic impact of printing a product in Columbus that is delivered to subscribers in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

The Enky’s daily circulation is 206,000, per Wikipedia. The press run will take a bit less than three hours (206 divided by 75) instead of a bit more than four (206 divided by 50).

That’s a savings of about one hour and 22 minutes. The drive from Columbus to downtown Cincinnati is about an hour and 45 minutes (possibly less if the Dispatch’s print facility is where I think it is a bit to the southwest).

So on a good day, it looks like the news will be about twenty or so minutes more stale than it already is. On a bad day (it has been known to snow a bit in Columbus and in the Cincy-Columbus corridor — /understatement), papers which might otherwise have arrived if produced locally will either be really late, or won’t get there.

This is the kind of move which makes the cost accountants and bean counters look like heroes and gives the circulation department indigestion. On balance, I think the circ people would be quite justified if they are unhappy with this move.


UPDATE: Not to mention the carbon footprint from all those over-the-road round trips between the cities (yes, I know, somewhat but I don’t believe anywhere near completely offset by the shorter and more efficient production run). Remember that the next time the Enky pushes a globaloney editorial on its readers.

UPDATE 2: Of course (and don’t think this isn’t relevant, because it is), by releasing about 200 people currently employed at the Enky’s local printing facility, that’s 200 fewer potential ObamaCare participants about whom Gannett won’t have to worry.

Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (122011)

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Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow later. Other topics are also fair game.


Squeaky Clean, Scandal-Free Update and Quote of the Day from John at Powerline: “During the Age of Obama, the scandals come so thick and fast that you can hardly remember them all, let alone keep track of their details.” You must go see the Michael Ramirez cartoon at the link.


Well, consider the source, but this may explain why Helicopter Ben Bernanke has backed away publicly from the idea of a Euro bailout (sadly, we can’t really know if he means it):

DSK (Dominique Strauss-Kahn): No ‘Firewall’ Exists, Europe Has ‘Only Weeks’

… …Strauss-Kahn said the firewall to staunch the spread of the crisis “doesn’t really exist”. The €500bn European Stability Mechanism would only be operational in months when “the question is a question of weeks. The question is not a question of months.”


Food Stamp Update:

  • If you want to rein in costs, you’re a racist.
  • At the link,’s Wynton Hall points out that “In 2012, taxpayers will spend a projected $89 billion on the program. Today, a record 46 million Americans now receive food stamp–an increase of over two-thirds since Mr. Obama took office.”
  • Also at the link, there’s a good (well, useful) rundown of examples of fraud and abuse, including many among those who administer the program. Here’s another from Greater Cincinnati which I never go to when it was first reported: “Former Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services workers accused of food stamp fraud.”

And don’t you dare saying anything about the fact that kids on the school lunch program are getting at least five meals a week (ten per weeks if there are school breakfasts) which Food Stamps supposedly already paid for.


Mary Chastain at“The New York Times Paints Holder As A Victim Of Fast And Furious.” With apologies to Samuel Johnson (“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”), whining about racism is the 21st century’s last refuge of a scoundrel. Let’s hope Holder is out of refuges, and will soon be out of office. The suspicion here, despite Holder’s aggressive intentions to avoid dealing with voting irregularities, is that Team Obama is beginning to see his continued presence as a serious reelection liability.


In a Wall Street Journal editorial“Liberals Love the 1%; A lesson in big business tax favoritism in Illinois.” Crony capitalism at its worst: Raise taxes on everyone, and give favors to those who have clout who threaten to leave. One of these days, someone is going to convince the courts that tax breaks such as these (and yes, so many others in so many other states) violate the equal protection rights of all who aren’t granted such breaks. Because they are.

Positivity: Oklahoma maternity home expands teen support

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From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, about one of thousands of underappreciated heroes of the prolife movement:

Dec 18, 2011 / 01:08 pm

Catholic Charities is making transitional care available at the Holy Family Maternity Home in Oklahoma City for teens in crisis pregnancies.

“The goal of this new service is to help the family and the teenage girl who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy as they work to create a ‘new normal’ in their lives,” said Monica Palmer, associate director for Clinical Services.

“Families often need time and help to adjust.”

As part of the Transitional Care program, Holy Family Home offers short-term residential services in a safe and supportive environment. Each girl enrolled in the program will have a private room with caring staff on duty 24 hours a day, as well as case management to assist in making an educational and a medical plan.

Additionally, Holy Family Maternity Home provides age-appropriate recreational activities including field trips, art and musical events.

“The residents and families will be able to decide on the length of the stay based on their needs,” said Mary Jane Webster, Holy Family Maternity Home director. “If needed, the girl can stay through the birth of her baby and complete the school semester.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.