January 6, 2012

Obama v. Romney Debate Preview Addendum (Also: The Best $5 GOP Primary Voters Will Ever Spend)

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(Gregg Jackson’s original; BizzyBlog excerpt from Thursday morning)

Here’s an update to Gregg’s mythical (oh how we hope it’s mythical) debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney:

Romney: “A President needs to follow and uphold the Constitution. A President swears an oath to do that when he is inaugurated. He can’t go around violating the Constitution by making so-called ‘recess appointments’ when the Senate really isn’t in recess.”

Obama: “Well then, why as governor did you unilaterally, illegally and unconstitutionally implement same-sex ‘marriage’ while falsely claiming the ‘court ordered you to?’ The court only ruled that the Legislature should rewrite the marriage statute within 180 days of the ruling, but it could not force it to. Its ‘ruling’ had absolutely nothing to do with you. You can’t just go around imposing things because you feel like it. And you dare to lecture me about constitutionality and keeping oaths?”


AmyContradaEBook0112This is a really good time to plug a $5 book excerpt/E-book by Amy Contrada available through Amazon, who was there at crunch time in Massachusetts, namely:

How “Gay Marriage” Came to Massachusetts:
Governor Mitt Romney’s Failure in a Constitutional Crisis

For $5, you’ll get the core chapters of Amy’s longer book telling you exactly what happened in the aftermath of the Goodridge decision. After this 4-chapter excerpt, you’ll understand why it’s absolutely correct to say that all same-sex marriages supposedly performed in Massachusetts beginning 180 days after the decision have no legal standing under the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You’ll understand the full extent of Mitt Romney planned imposition of same-sex marriage because, as I have noted so many times, he promised that he would. I learned a lot, especially that there were giveaway hints during the critical 180-day period that Romney always intended to “obey” (his false word) the court’s decision — even before Michael Luo’s damning New York Times report in 2007 independently corroborated the treachery.

Anyone going into the voting booth on GOP Primary Day in their state who does not understand what Amy has covered will be casting their ballot less than fully informed about why Mitt Romney is fundamentally unfit to be President.

Amy’s E-book is the best $5 I’ve ever spent; it will be yours too. You don’t need a Kindle. All you need to do is install Amazon’s Kindle app on your computer. I did it; it was easy (even for me), so go for it.


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