January 27, 2012

Ohio and Pennsylvania RINOs in Full Freak-Out Mode

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TeaPartyValuesQuestionJan2012For now, I’ll just have “put it out there,” so to speak, regarding two outrageous RINO-related items. Most readers here will already know that I’m really, really not pleased.

Do read what’s happening in Pennsylvania’s GOP, because it’s worse than what’s going on in Ohio.



From the Cleveland Plain Dealer (bolds are mine throughout this post):

Ohio Republicans battle over proposed membership change for party central committee

The Ohio Republican Party chairman wants to change the rules for who can serve on the party’s state central committee, a proposal that comes about a month before GOP voters elect the next 66-member group.

The move could help Chairman Kevin DeWine fend off a challenge to his leadership. DeWine and Gov. John Kasich are locked in a messy election-year battle for control of the party.

The proposal also could create chaos, because the ballot for the 66 races across the state is already set. The rule change could make some of the winners of the March 6 primary ineligible to serve.

The current state central committee will vote at its Feb. 3 meeting on the rule change, which would require a registered Republican to have voted in each of the three most recent statewide GOP primaries. It’s unclear how many candidates such a rule would affect.

DeWine would not comment. His spokesman Chris Maloney said the change is not intended to fight off a challenge from the governor but to keep people from other political regimes from infiltrating the Republican party.

Bytor at 3BP reacts, with apologies for shamelessly appropriating the graphic at the top right:

Ohio Republican Party’s outrageous new tactic to keep the Tea Party out and Kevin DeWine in

Below is an excerpt of the memo sent out to committee members:

… Proposed Amendment*:

For the purposes of these Rules, to be qualified, and thereby seated and sworn in as a member of the State Central Committee, a person shall have voted in the three immediately preceding Republican statewide primary elections, including in the year in which the person was elected.

Talk about trying to protect their established incumbents! To be seated on the committee, a person will have to have voted in the Republican primary in 2008, 2010 and 2012. This is a pretty brazen move by Kevin DeWine and his allies. This rule, if adopted, is clearly intended to make it harder for outsiders to be seated on the State Central Committee, even if they are elected to the position.

The timing of this is no accident. There are two clear goals here.

1. Keep the Tea Party out. And this one isn’t new. Back in 2010, the ORP outraged many conservatives when it used the tea party brand and sent out mailers with a “Tea Party Values” logo that endorsed…Jon Husted.

2. To protect Kevin DeWine’s Chairmanship. The ORP knows that many of this years challengers to committee incumbents would vote against him in the next election for chairman.

Kevin DeWine … must resign.



This one from Christopher Freind’s “Freindly Fire Zone” is much worse than Ohio’s mess, given that it involves fixing the party’s endorsement process for a U.S. Senate seat:

No Secret Ballot For GOP Endorsement Is Same As Union Card Check

… Common sense tells us that whenever a secret ballot is not employed, many people will not vote their conscience. Instead, they fall victim to intimidation and arm-twisting, and end up casting a ballot in favor of the person whom they are strongly encouraged —AKA “told” — to support. The result is a rigged, Banana Republic election, anything but “Free Choice.”

… Given this, it seems extremely hypocritical that the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania — while opposing Card Check — jettisons free and fair voting for its own members by refusing to allow secret ballot votes on important issues, such as Party endorsements.

… And now, on the eve of the meeting in which the Committee will vote whether to endorse a candidate for the U.S. Senate (or not endorse at all), that issue has become a firestorm that is only growing in intensity.

The big question centers on whether the Party will endorse millionaire Steve Welch, a favorite among several GOP leaders, including Republican Governor Tom Corbett. The problem many have with Welch is that he voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary and supported former Congressman Joe Sestak, a stalwart liberal consistently to the Left of Obama. Welch claims he left the GOP out of frustration that it wasn’t conservative enough, leaving more than a few Republicans perplexed.

… So would the Party really risk massive damage to itself by endorsing an Obama-voter, and make the sin mortal by doing so without a secret ballot?

They can’t be that dumb.

But this being Pennsylvania’s Republican Party, all bets are off.

Should they endorse Welch, it will be a double whammy, throwing the entire Party into a quagmire from which it would be difficult to escape.

State Committee would cement the perception that its endorsements are behind-the-scenes deals by inside powerbrokers hell-bent on executing individual agendas — the rank-and-file Party faithful be damned. More damaging, it would play out — in full public view — exactly how ruthlessly efficient Card Check tactics are, making unions blush with envy.

Like I said, Keystone State RINOs with the apparent full support of Governor Corbett are on the verge of engaging in something far more treacherous than we’re seeing in Ohio, something I hardly thought possible.

The irony in PA to me is that any conservative with a pulse should be able to beat prolife-betrayer Bob Casey. So why go with a guy with a ridiculously liberal voting record?



  1. While I don’t disagree with the conclusions as to DeWine’s purpose, I should share what’s going on in Toledo with our Lucas County chairman.

    He’s tight with publisher of The Blade and is thought to take direction from the publisher as to what he does as chairman. Clearly, The Blade and the publisher do not have the best interests of Republicans at heart.

    He’s spent more time suing Republicans than raising money, fielding GOP candidates and winning elections – combined.

    His recent tactic is to run his own people against our long-time state central committee reps, including some who’ve never voted before. Coincidentally, his candidates have names that sound the same, though are spelled differently, as their Republican opponents. Some have speculated he deliberately did this to add confusion to the ballot choices.

    I don’t think his hand-picked candidates for state central committee would qualify under the proposed rule – and that would be a good – no great! – thing for Ohio Republicans.

    From a principle standpoint, I have no issue with the proposed requirement. I’d like individuals representing us at the state central committee to have a history of supporting Republican Principles (not necessarily the OHGOP as the two are not the same).

    But as it will prevent Tea Party supporters from promoting change from within the party – something desperately needed, I can see and appreciate the concern.

    To do this after the ballots are printed is beyond stupid, though.

    Comment by Maggie — January 27, 2012 @ 10:50 am

  2. IMO, until term limits are implemented, primaries are the only agent for change, so I err on the side of letting them play out.

    If this proposal succeeds a court challenge, which it will surely get given the Ohio Revised Code definition of a member of the committee, you’re not only nullifying the vote of the people, but discriminating against the majority of folks who have recognized the need to get involved in the rebuilding of this nation one seat at a time.

    Rome is burning and the ORP has been watering the lawn for 3 decades. Those even remotely involved know that.

    Kasich is not perfect, but I do believe he came in trying to do what was in the best interest of Ohio’s economy. What he underestimated was the degree to which DeWine/Husted would go to oppose him even after he was elected. And as Tom has rightly pointed out, it is absolutely reasonable for him to expect the full support of the party & they started rallying against him while he was candidate.

    And as WMD pointed out, if Kevin truly thinks that this battle is damaging to the party, Ohio & the nation, then be the better man & resign.

    Comment by Rose — January 27, 2012 @ 12:24 pm

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  4. I have not done the research to prove this; but I think Welch may have changed his registration and voted for Obama as part of Rush Linbaugh or Hannity’s stop Hilary campaign. He may not be as big a RINO as you suggest.

    Comment by Mike — January 29, 2012 @ 2:53 pm

  5. The impression I have is that he voted for Obama in the general, so this should be interesting.

    Comment by TBlumer — January 29, 2012 @ 3:03 pm

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