January 30, 2012

Rush: The GOP Establishment Believes That Romney Cannot Beat Obama

I learned quite a bit about a lot of people during the past week. Not much of it was encouraging.

I learned that Mitt Romney and his acolytes are at least as treacherous as Team Obama, if not moreso. Their ability to tell lies without even a hint of remorse is really something.

I also learned that Romney and the GOP establishment will go after their intraparty opposition harder than they will ever go after their Democratic opponents.

Rush agrees, and asserts something which directly contradicts Ann Coulter’s claim in her column last week that Mitt Romney is the only Republican who is electable — i.e., nobody in the establishment does (including Coulter about a year ago, many will recall), and it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy:

Don’t Hold Your Breath for Romney to Attack Obama the Way He Attacked Newt

… They’ll be scared to death. I’ll tell you something else. The bottom line… I’ve got audio sound bites here that will back me up on this, as I’ve said this from the get-go. Way too much of the Republican establishment doesn’t think Obama can lose anyway. They don’t think Obama can be beat. Their Romney choice is all oriented toward holding the House and winning the Senate, putting themselves in charge of the money and the regulations, and then stopping Obama that way. Now, you and I all think Obama can be beat. But the vast majority of the people who serve as consultants, advise candidates, will do their best to make sure that whatever the vitriol you’re seeing here in this primary will not happen in the general.

The reluctance to attack will also be true of the GOP establishment.

And uh, excuse me, the idea that a GOP House and Senate will stop Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, and the DC bureaucracy (with the help of the establishment press) from expanding its nascent de facto tyranny is drop-dead stupid. Anyone who believes otherwise has no appreciation for what we’re up against.

Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney, those who are backing him, and those who are flacking for him are being played like a fiddle. Here’s hoping Florida voters throw a monkey wrench into this madness.


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