February 6, 2012

‘Ohio GOP Chairman – Out of Control’

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The following was forwarded to me on Saturday morning. I held off publishing it until now so I can keep it at or near the top most of Monday.

The email confirmed a suspicion I expressed on Friday when I wondered:

Did the vote really require a majority only of those present, or did it really require a majority of all members?

The answer, as seen below, is: “Votes such as these require a majority of all members (regardless of whether they voted), except when ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine unilaterally says it doesn’t.”

Here goes (bolds are mine):


The Ohio GOP State Central Committee met today to consider Chairman DeWine’s proposed “Power Play Amendment” to disqualify candidates on the ballot for state central committee in the midst of an election that is already underway.

The vote was 29-28 in favor of the Power Play Amendment, and Chairman DeWine ruled that it had passed. The Bylaws require that a majority of all state central committee members (34) is required to pass such an amendment; DeWine’s ruling is in direct violation of the Bylaws and is thereby legally null and void.

We now have a tyrant who practices open contempt not only for the majority of the rank and file members of his party, but for the Permanent Rules of the party, running the Ohio GOP. If there was any doubt remaining, let it be gone.

We are trying to get a roll call of how state central committee members voted so that we can forward that information to you.

More later.

Best regards,
Jim Woods

I hope Kevin DeWine realizes that as long as he remains chair until the day he resigns, this action will be justifiably referenced by opponents as evidence of utter hypocrisy every time an Ohio Republican or conservative suggests basic measures relating to electoral integrity.

I don’t see how this can possibly just blow over and go away. It’s surely doing damage already, which will continue as long as DeWine remains party chairman.


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