February 6, 2012


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From Rick Santorum’s web site (HT PJ Tatler):

Today Mitt Romney’s well financed seek and destroy attack machine turned its sights on Rick Santorum. And the reason is clear. Recent polling data strongly suggests that Rick Santorum is by far Romney’s most significant opponent.

Polling results just released today by Magellan Strategies BR show Rick Santorum beating Romney in Missouri. Polling results by Public Policy Polling, also show Rick Santorum beating Romney in Minnesota, and catching up to Romney in Colorado. Polls earlier last week showed Rick Santorum ahead of Romney in Missouri and Ohio.

And according to a Rasmussen survey released yesterday, while Mitt Romney loses to Barack Obama by 4 points in a potential matchup, Rick Santorum is ahead of Obama 45% to 41% 44%. This last piece of information is particularly damaging to Romney because it destroys his argument that he is the strongest opponent to defeat Obama. It also reveals that a trusted conservative is better positioned to defeat Obama than a moderate who agrees with Obama on big government healthcare mandates, government bailouts, and radical cap and trade initiatives.

Well, well.


UPDATE: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has endorsed Santorum, writing that “Santorum is the last consistent conservative standing, and the only one both promoting the conservative agenda and campaigning as a conservative in the race.


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