February 14, 2012

AP Goes Completely to the Dogs in Covering Anti-Romney Westminster Show Protest

Those who believe that the establishment press has gone completely to the dogs can cite support for that contention in an Associated Press story about an anti-Mitt Romney demonstration at the Westminster dog show in New York earlier today.

The story is about how “a dozen demonstrators … plus a few pooches” showed up to demonstrate against something Romney allegedly did 29 years ago. Really. This story is sooooo important that as of 2:46 p.m., it was the second item listed at AP’s Top Sports News (saved here for future reference, fair use and discussion purposes):


Here are the first seven paragraphs from AP sports writer Ben Walker’s 350-word (!) article:

Romney protest held outside Westminster dog show

A protest outside the Westminster dog show aimed at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney drew about a dozen demonstrators Tuesday, plus a few pooches.

The half-hour lunchtime demonstration in front of Madison Square Garden took issue with Romney’s oft-told story of traveling with his Irish setter, Seamus, on a family vacation in 1983. Romney has said he put the dog inside a crate and strapped it to the roof rack for a 12-hour drive from Boston to Canada.

Protest spokeswoman Kitty Hendrix said the Dogs Against Romney website that organized the demonstration has about 25,000 members. The protesters held signs that said “Mitt is Mean” and “Dogs Aren’t Luggage” and “I Ride Inside.”

The Westminster Kennel Club event is the most prestigious dog show in America and draws 2,000 entries. Hendrix said her group didn’t want to interrupt Westminster.

“We’re just using this as a backdrop,” she said.

A few curious passers-by stopped to talk to the protesters, but none of the champion dogs walked by.

“Dogs don’t vote!” hollered one man in a hurry.

Maybe dogs don’t vote, but at least in Minnesota, given how easy it is to gather up registration forms for people who don’t exist, it’s pretty clear that just about anyone who wants to can vote on their dog’s (or cat’s, or bat’s, or rat’s) behalf.

The Romney show protest story was listed above one about Knicks’ overnight sensation Jeremy Lin, another about Tiger Woods, and six others which are obviously far more important to sports fans than a demonstration by (I can’t believe I’m typing this) a dozen people.

Commenters can proceed with the inevitable corny canine references without worrying about being hounded by yours truly.

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