February 20, 2012

Amy Contrada Deconstructs Mitt Romney’s CPAC Speech

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http://www.bizzyblog.com/wp-images/RomneyNo0808Friday, Mass Resistance leader and Mitt Romney’s Deception author Amy Contrada tore apart Mitt Romney’s CPAC speech piece by piece.

In the speech (quoting Amy’s opening list), Romney made patently false claims in the following areas:

  • His unconstitutional implementation of ”gay marriage”
  • His failure to check judicial activism while simultaneously preaching against it
  • His weak argument for traditional marriage
  • His weak leadership in Massachusetts during the “gay marriage” crisis
  • His his record on abortion
  • His flip-flops on “emergency contraception” (morning-after pill) and Catholic Hospitals
  • RomneyCare, abortions, and mandated contraception coverage
  • His phony abstinence program in the schools
  • His phony defense of Catholic Charities in the homosexual adoptions scandal

Contrada’s critique is absolutely devastating (HT to a Steven Baldwin email).

Key pulls (but please carve out the time to read the whole thing):

Mitt Romney’s speech at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference, Feb. 10, 2012) was at best full of half-truths and misrepresentations. What a mistake he made, inviting scrutiny of his record on constitutional and social issues as Governor of Massachusetts.

ROMNEY CLAIMED: “The state’s supreme court inexplicably found a right to same-sex marriage in our constitution.”

The TRUTH: The Court did so find, but Governor Romney followed their lead and unconstitutionally implemented “gay marriage” without legislative authorization. He treated the “inexplicable” opinion as law.

ROMNEY CLAIMED: “I pushed for a stay of the decision.”

The TRUTH: He wrongly accepted the Court as the ultimate authority, instead of doing his duty to act as a check on the Court.

ROMNEY CLAIMED: He “fought for a marriage amendment to our constitution.”

The TRUTH: Romney had opposed the only real chance for an amendment in 2002, and later attempts were poorly worded and doomed to failure. He offered little public support or leadership.

ROMNEY CLAIMED: “I fought for abstinence education in our public schools.”

The TRUTH: It was not an “abstinence only” approach; it did not say “wait until marriage”; it was “LGBT-friendly”; it lasted only two years; it included “peer teaching” by 12-14 year olds; and it was limited to very few middle schools in the state.

… While running for Governor, Romney told Planned Parenthood in April 2002 that he would “support the teaching of responsible, age-appropriate, factually accurate health and sexuality education, including information about both abstinence and contraception, in public schools.” (Helman) This “comprehensive” sex education is just what his supposed abstinence program did.

ROMNEY CLAIMED: “And I defended the Catholic Church’s right to serve their community in ways that were consistent with their conscience through adoption programs that placed children in a home with a mom and a dad.”

The TRUTH: … This claim is the height of grandstanding and hypocrisy.

That final assertion concerning one topic can and should be made about Romney’s entire campaign and candidacy.


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