February 20, 2012

Climate ‘Scientist’ Admits to Purloining Docs, Still Needs To Say Who Wrote the Fabricated One

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At the UK Guardian:

Climate scientist Peter Gleick admits he leaked Heartland Institute documents
Peter Gleick, a water and climate analyst, says he was blinded by his frustrations with ongoing attacks on climate science

A leading defender of climate change admitted tricking the libertarian Heartland Institute into turning over confidential documents detailing its plans to discredit the teaching of science to school children in last week’s sensational expose.

In the latest revelation, Peter Gleick, a water scientist and president of the Pacific Institute who has been active in the climate wars, apologised on Monday for using a false name to obtain materials from Heartland, a Chicago-based think tank with a core mission of dismissing climate change.

“My judgment was blinded by my frustration with the ongoing efforts – often anonymous, well-funded and co-ordinated – to attack climate science,” Gleick wrote in a piece for Huffington Post.

Well, that’s nice, but Gleick still needs to identify who wrote the “two-page strategy memo” which Megan McArdle at the Atlantic says doesn’t pass the authenticity stench test, let alone the smell test.

The smart money appears to be on Gleick being its author.


UPDATE: Much more at Watt’s Up With That.


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