March 3, 2012

Michigan’s Banana Republic GOP Steals a Delegate From Santorum; Romney Receives Instead

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MichiganGOPbananaRepublic0212I received an email from Rick Santorum’s campaign on Thursday, excerpted as follows (bolds are in original):

Tie in Michigan!

We tied Mitt Romney in Michigan Tuesday night! Forget about what the press is saying—you read that correctly. We tied Mitt Romney in his home state.

… Michigan awards their delegates by Congressional District. So while Romney narrowly won the statewide popular vote, we won the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th and 13th districts, and one more district, the 5th, is within a 100 votes and there might be a recount. Gov. Romney and I will each get one of Michigan’s two at large delegates, giving us a split of 15-15.

Here’s the bottom line: Mitt Romney and his SuperPAC outspent us by millions of dollars in his home state, and he couldn’t come away with anything better than a tie in the delegate count. No matter what the press would have you believe, we are now in for a long, important battle.

… It has been humbling to see how this story (of his candidacy — Ed.) has resonated with Americans across the country. The idea that hard work and dedication can pay off, no matter who you are or where you come from, well, that’s the American dream isn’t it?

… We just tied Romney in Michigan, but we can’t let up. …

For America,

At the moment, it’s not a tie thanks to what, based on the evidence, is an after-the-fact rules change which contradicts what the state party specifically told the candidates (HT to Gregg Jackson in an email, who also provided audio proof). This is how it’s explained in a Washington Post item (bolds are mine):

Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign asked Friday that the Republican National Committee’s legal counsel investigate the Michigan GOP’s decision to give a delegate Santorum thought he’d won to Mitt Romney.

State party rules said 28 delegates were to be awarded based on Tuesday’s results in each of the state’s 14 congressional districts. Two at-large delegates were to be awarded based on the statewide vote in the GOP presidential primary.

But the state party’s credentials committee said Thursday that it changed the rules Feb. 4 to give both at-large delegates to the overall winner. As a result, Romney ended up with 16 delegates to Santorum’s 14, rather than a 15-15 split.

Credentials committee member Saul Anuzis, a Romney supporter, said a party memo saying the at-large delegates would be awarded proportionally was wrong.

“It is clear now that the memo did not properly communicate the intent of the committee,” Anuzis said. “Could you interpret it both ways? Yes. (Uh, the real answer is “No.” — Ed.) But this is what we decided.”

Real Clear Politics is showing Michigan with 16 Romney delegates and 14 for Santorum.

The forwarded email from Gregg says that the linked audio is “from less than a month ago (i.e., clearly intended to mean AFTER February 4 — Ed.), with Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak explaining the rules, clearly in line with what would have resulted in a 15-15 tie.”

The linked audio proves that Mr. Anuzis is, to put it bluntly, full of Mitt — and there is no “both ways” about it.

Who does Bobby Schostak think he is, anyway? Kevin DeWine?

This is at least the second time state GOP establishments have bent presidential voting to benefit Mitt Romney. The first, contrary to Ann Coulter’s delusion, was Iowa, when the state’s GOP, in a still partially successful effort at blunting Santorum’s momentum, initially refused to declare him the winner of the state’s January 3 caucuses despite the fact that he, well, ended up with the most votes (true even if counting precincts which didn’t submit the proper paperwork).

Now this. It’s “only” one delegate, but the Michigan episode is symptomatic of deep rot in a corrupt party establishment which, as I noted in an early February column, also extends at least to Florida, Utah, and Pennsylvania.



  1. nonsense.

    they followed the rules.
    get yer head out yer arse.

    Comment by reliapundit — March 3, 2012 @ 9:51 am

  2. Prove it.

    Update: Seriously, why am I supposed to believe you over the audio of the state GOP chairman?

    Update 2: Oh, you’re the Romniac who tried to argue in all caps that Romney is to the right of McCain … yeah, you’re credible.

    To repeat, everyone’s benefit, since you gave me the opening …


    I stand by Romney being to the left of McCain, by a mile, in at least six ways (without even breaking a sweat):
    - McCain has been prolife his entire career; Romney had an “epiphany,” and AFTER it signed RomneyCare which has $50 copays for abortions.
    - McCain has always been against same-sex marriage; Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney imposed it in Massachusetts, illegally and unconstitutionally while violating his own oath of office. (Should I assume you agree with me because YOU haven’t responded to that self-evident assertion?)
    - McCain opposed nationalizing health care; Romney created the lab experiment for national health care known as RomneyCare and gave it undeserved legitimacy, making its passage more possible.
    - McCain as far as I know opposes an individual mandate in any federal legislation relating to health care. Romney thinks it’s a core requirement for people to demonstrate personal responsibility.
    - McCain gets a C+ from the NRA. Romney allegedly gets a B. In practice, Romney has been all over the place, and has said and done things McCain would never say or do.
    - McCain opposed the original Bush tax cuts; so did Romney. McCain supported their extension, twice (actually 3x., counting 2010). It’s very questionable whether Romney would have supported an extension in 2006. He would have had to see which way the wind was blowing. We do know that Romney raised taxes in Massachusetts while he was governor.

    Mitt Romney is so obviously to the left of McCain that you and Romney’s other supporters embarrass yourselves immensely by claiming otherwise (see: Mark Levin skewering Ann Coulter). In reality, RomneyCare’s inherent socialism in health care and the damage it is on the verge of doing to this nation, plus his proactive implementation of same-sex marriage, which has given that issue momentum in several states which never would have come about if he had merely followed his state’s constitution instead of serially violating it, make other matters relatively unimportant. On these two critical issues, this nation’s legal makeup has moved significantly to the left, and Mitt Romney is indisputably the root cause of that movement in each instance.

    Comment by TBlumer — March 3, 2012 @ 10:07 am

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