March 4, 2012

Dirty Trick in Clermont County: A Look-Alike Sample Voter Guide

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NOTE: The “current incumbent prosecutor” whose name is the only replacement on the misleading sample ballot discussed in this post is Don White — the same Don White BizzyBlog’s Rose wrote up this morning as deserving to be swept from office for two decades of self-evident self-dealing.


The following went up on March 1 at the Clermont County Republican Party’s web site (graphic below added by me):

From Party Chairman, Tim Rudd:

If this election had not been confusing enough already, enter one more group trying to confuse Republican voters. One of the major ways the Clermont County Republican Party communicates with voters is through our sample ballot.

In order to get on the sample ballot, a candidate must first go through the endorsement process.

  • Basically, a candidate sends the chairman a letter, communicates with the 200 member central committee and appears at a meeting where a sixty-percent vote of the quorum present results in a party endorsement.
  • At a meeting in mid-November 179 central committee members met through a long evening, heard the candidates, voted and endorsed the candidates who appear on the Clermont County Republican Party sample ballot.
  • Only the candidates who were endorsed will appear on the party ballot. In some races such as the second district congressional seat, the party did not endorse (i.e. no candidate got sixty percent of the vote). In those particular races where the party did not endorse neither the candidate nor the race appears on our sample ballot.
  • Candidates know that when they are endorsed by the party that it is customary for the party to issue a sample ballot consisting of the endorsed candidates.
  • The party voting guide is easily recognized as it states at the top “Clermont County Republican Party Voting Guide” (click to view) followed by “Official Voting Guide March 6, 2012” and has the party disclaimer at the bottom – “Paid for by the Clermont County Republican Party, Tim Rudd, Chairman”.

Simple enough, right?

Clermont County Prosecutor’s Race…

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BroomSweepThis post, which originally went up just before 9 a.m., will stay at or near the top as much as possible on Sunday and early Monday.

UPDATE: Congratulations Vince Faris, Clermont County’s new full-time Prosecutor.

UPDATE: Dirty Trick in Clermont County: A Look-Alike Sample Voter Guide


“Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping the shadow.” ~Aesop

Know what these folks have in common: Judge Tony Brock, Judge Rick Ferenc, Judge Victor Haddad, Judge George Pattison, Sheriff AJ Rodenberg, Coroner Brian Treon, Treasurer Bob True, Judge Mike Voris, Sen. Rob Portman?

They all are or have been endorsed by the Clermont County Republican Party and/or Liberty Groups…endorsements that, along with the FOP, 23 yr. incumbent ClerCo Prosecutor Don White feverishly pursued to no avail, which is why he must retroactively claim their irrelevance.

So let’s cut through the tabloid-like drama coming from grown men who see their gravy train leaving the station…

With the exception of those giddy to politically benefit from the personal destruction of another, the rest condemn the alleged actions of Archie Wilson, and pray for the healing and restoration of his family, nor should anyone regret or apologize for retiring his questionable predecessor.

Wouldn’t be our first disappointment; won’t be our last.

In fact, many Clermont taxpayers were no less shocked & disappointed when we learned that …

  • We have been heavily subsidizing Prosecutor Don White’s private law firm (now nearly $500,000/yr.).
  • We pay his private partners more salary than many actual county prosecutors who are about county biz each day.
  • We pay the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System OPERS and benefits for his private partners.
  • This part-time arrangement costs taxpayers way more than any gap in full-time salary.
  • This part-time arrangement forces townships to spend more tax dollars obtaining outside counsel.
  • The endless ethical conflicts derived from this part-time arrangement leaves only a handful of Ohio’s 88 county prosecutors comfortable enough to even consider it.

That’s a pretty sweet deal for the last two [uncontested] decades; a deal about which I was skeptical until those public records requests confirmed the numbers.  Yep, nearly $500,000 simoleons when all is said and done, yet our sheriff must beg for a new squad car?

Despite what Don White and his echo chamber would have us believe, this election isn’t personal; it’s about sweeping our own doorstep.  It isn’t “incumbent” upon taxpayers to guarantee salaries, OPERS & bennies to a private law firm each year simply because it has “connections” to – in this case privately held by - a part-time county prosecutor.  Talk about privatizing income while socializing risk…


If progressives were doing this in our county like they are nationally, we’d be up in arms.

Government was never designed to create wealth, but sadly, too many officials who allege adherence to the principles of limited government, free markets & fiscal responsibility, have been acting as if it were for the last several decades.  It’s called crony capitalism, giving an unfair advantage to a “connected” business that would otherwise have to earn that edge in the marketplace just like everyone else, unless of course they’re the only private law firm around (/sarc).

Sadly, as is often the case, those who consciously endorse the practice are either already benefitting from it, or are desperately trying…

As such, this part-time arrangement is no more than the legalized version of its illegal counterpart being discussed (hence Reagan’s comparison of the two), with the same consequences: Personal and financial injury to Clermont County families.

That is what March 6th is about for many Clermont taxpayers; nothing more, nothing less.

Please vote for Vince Faris on Tuesday, March 6th.

“It is impossible to introduce into society a greater change and a greater evil than this: the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder.” ~Frédéric Bastiat

The ‘$40 Per Paycheck’ and Other Payroll Tax-Cut Fibs

“Viral lying.”


Note: This column went up at Pajamas Media and was teased here at BizzyBlog on Friday.


In mid-February, during the run-up to the extension of the two percentage-point cut in the Social Security payroll tax to year’s end, the White House, using garbled language sadly not unusual for this bunch, claimed that:

Currently, 160 million Americans benefit for the tax relief that’s set to expire at the end of the month. The typical family saves about $40 with every paycheck.

Neither statement, even after grammatical correction, is anywhere close to being true. We can add both to the pile of falsehoods which will be as thick as a major metro area phone book by the time they’re all done.

A commenter at another site gave Team Obama’s penchant for quickly disseminating and perpetuating persistent fibs while fiercely resisting attempts at correction an interesting term to remember and employ: “viral lying.” The administration’s mendacity on the Social Security tax cut certainly exemplifies it. Meanwhile, establishment press lapdogs, who routinely invented alleged “lies” which weren’t lies at all during George W. Bush’s eight years, have allowed both howlers above to slide with little if any objection, missed glaring inconsistencies in messaging, and have occasionally been duped themselves.

Let’s start with the “160 million Americans” claim. There at least two problems with it:

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Positivity: Dissident says Catholic faith drives his fight for Cuba’s freedom

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From Havana:

Feb 29, 2012 / 12:05 pm (CNA).- Cuban dissident Jose Daniel Ferrer said his commitment to fight for freedom in the country is inspired by the Gospels and the Catholic Church.

“I have always believed we should be in the place God wanted us to be and that we should contribute as committed Christians,” said Ferrer, who serves as coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba.

The activist was recently detained by state police for political dissent in eastern Cuba and was released on Feb. 28.

“What I see in the Gospels is that we cannot remain indifferent to the land where we live, to the nation where we were born, that we should do everything possible so that freedom and the fundamental rights of the person are respected,” he told CNA.

Ferrer was among the 75 dissidents jailed by the Castro government in what’s known as the Black Spring of 2003.

He was condemned to 25 years in prison and was released in 2011 thanks to the Church’s intervention. However, he refused to be expatriated to Spain and now leads the Patriotic Union of Cuba, which seeks a peaceful transition to democracy for the country.

Ferrer explained that his political ideas “are in large measure based on the Gospels and the Social Doctrine of the Church,” and that he fully shares John Paul II’s vision – outlined in his encyclical Centesimus Annus – on the need for nations to be governed by democratic systems and by the authentic rule of law.

Go here for the rest of the story.