March 5, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Damage Done Update: Romney Advocated National Individual Mandate — in July 2009

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More Mitt Romney, more damage done. In 2009, he advocated that President Obama and the Congress should include the individual mandate in any “health care reform” bill it might pass.

What follows is from an op-ed Mitt Romney had published in USA Today on July 30, 2009 (HT Buzz Feed via Erick Ericksen):

Mr. President, what’s the rush?
Obama could learn a thing or two about health care reform from Massachusetts. One, time is not the enemy. Two, neither are the Republicans.

Because of President Obama’s frantic approach, health care has run off the rails. For the sake of 47 million uninsured Americans, we need to get it back on track. (A)

… Our experience also demonstrates that getting every citizen insured doesn’t have to break the bank. First, we established incentives for those who were uninsured to buy insurance. Using tax penalties, as we did, or tax credits, as others have proposed, encourages “free riders” to take responsibility for themselves rather than pass their medical costs on to others. (B)

(A) — Romney buys into the lie about how many Americans are uninsured. As has been documented ad nauseam but it still routinely misstated (on purpose) at any given moment there are far, far fewer than 47 million Americans who are uninsured (for starters based on the linked article, subtract almost 10 million non-citizens and an additional 14 million who haven’t joined any program but would enroll in Medicaid if they ever needed care).

(B) — This is the essence of the individual mandate. Through increasingly punitive measures, it forces citizens, under penalty of law, to buy a product or service they choose not to have. Mitt Romney advocated that it should be present in health care-related legislation which might pass.

There is no reason to believe, given this op-ed and his insistence during the past four years that imposing national individual mandate is “the ultimate conservative plan,” to believe any claim by Mitt Romney that he intends to fully repeal Obamacare — and keep it fully repealed. None.



  1. 1. Mitt Romney was interviewed by Fox2 Detroit regarding connection to high level Romney family insiders to the on going Detroit Corruption probe.

    John Rakolta, a Romney family in-law is linked to the breaking pay n’ play scandal in Detroit. The interview can be seen on my blog; The Real Mitt Romney the Weather-Vane Candidate

    2. Romney staff threatened BBC reporter

    “Romney’s Billionaire Funder Threatens BBC Investigative Reporter — ‘We have a File on Palast’”

    Romney has stated he wanted Detroit to go bankrupt but failed to reveal the billions made by high level Romney backers in the GM Delphi bankruptcy

    Before Palast article came out BBC got a call from Romney people threatening the reporter!

    3. Feb. 23, 2011 — Palast (“Romney’s Auto Bail-out Billionaires”):

    “Gov. Romney last week asserted that the Obama Administration’s support for General Motors was a, “payoff for the auto workers union.” However, union workers in GM’s former auto parts division, Delphi, the unit taken over by Romney’s funders, did not fare so well. The speculators eliminated every single union job from the parts factories once manned by 25,200 UAW members.”

    Comment by Debbie — March 5, 2012 @ 11:19 am

  2. Debbie, they will so bury him with this — AFTER he gets the nomination.

    Comment by TBlumer — March 5, 2012 @ 11:51 am

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