March 10, 2012

Awesome: March Limbaugh Letter Cover Story Opens With References to Yours Truly’s ‘State GOP Establishments Attack Their Base’ Column

Well, if this doesn’t beat all.

A NewsBusters reader advised me through LInkedIn that “I saw your work referenced in the latest Limbaugh Letter.” So I asked him to scan in the related content and forward it to me, which he graciously did.

It turns out that my correspondent was seriously sandbagging me (click here or on graphic to enlarge and open in a separate tab or window; picture is only of top half of the article’s first page):


Rush Limbaugh used my February 3 column at PJ Media (“State GOP Establishments Attack Their Base”; Feb. 5 BizzyBlog mirror) as the basis for introducing his March 2012 two-page cover story (“It’s War”) about how, in Rush’s words, “the all-out assault on conservatives (by the GOP establishment) is the story of this primary campaign.”

Rush’s opening:


Rush made several points germane to the presidential race which I should also mention:

… There’s been abject panic whenever a non-Romney takes the lead.

… At root, these establishment Republicans are singularly worried about what other people (i.e., liberals) are going to think of them for being in the same Party with social conservatives. It really is no more complicated than that.

… In fact, I’m convinced that if the upcoming election could be decided on social issues, the Republicans would win in a landslide — because we’re on the right side of the culture war. The Republican establishment is scared to death of it.

Near the end was the closest thing I’ve seen or heard Rush take to a direct swipe at Mitt Romney:


It doesn’t get much clearer than that — and we still have delusional people trying to claim that Romney is a genuine conservative, and even the most conservative candidate in the race. Stop it already.

Thanks to Rush for noticing the PJ Media column; thanks to PJM for publishing it; and thanks to Matt and Mark at Weapons of Mass Discussion, BizzyBlog’s Rose, and others who have kept me informed of state-related matters in Ohio so I could expound coherently on the shenanigans of ORPINO (the Ohio Republican Party In Name Only) and its Chairman, Kevin DeWine.

Rush has met conservatism’s enemies, Kevin, and they clearly include you.


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