March 15, 2012

Latest PJ Media Column (‘The Obama Economy: Blacks, Hispanics Hardest Hit’) Is Up

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It’s here.

I will go up here at BizzyBlog on Saturday (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.

The subhead: “It’s not about recovery. It’s about transformation.”

Go to the column to see what I did to this graph published by Uncle Sam’s Department of Labor:



Extending one point: The column notes that from all appearances the “mancession” phenomenon is over. The unemployment rate for both over-20 men and women was 7.7% in February. There is one exception, which is the 14.3% vs. 12.4% difference between the unemployment rates for African-American men and women.

Though comparison is difficult because their workforce participation rates always differ, and reasons unrelated to the employment market can sometimes influence those rates, it appears that the workforce dropout trend and other indicators of malaise are pretty much affecting men and women equally.

One thing which I haven’t explored is whether the “mancession” ended largely as a result of men taking jobs paying much less than they earned in their “former life” (a common workplace term at places where they have landed) more often than women.

If anyone has relevant evidence in this area, I’d welcome seeing it.


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