March 16, 2012

IBD: ‘Obama Betrays Reagan’s Dream’ (And Leaves Us All Less Safe)

What follows are the first and last paragraphs from an editorial this evening:

The president’s shredding of the Constitution began at the Preamble’s provision for the common defense. He gave away our missile defense to appease Moscow and betray our allies.

… From betrayal of our allies to betrayal of our missile defense secrets, Obama has systematically shredded Reagan’s dream of a nuclear umbrella sufficient to deter or even defeat a nuclear missile attack. For some reason, apologizing to and appeasing our enemies has been more important than defending the American people.

Read everything in between.

You don’t appreciate the damage until you see its history laid out. It’s ugly — and has left us unconscionably vulnerable.

Jessica DelBalzo Hearts Abortion, Discussed It With Her Two Year-old Child, and Thinks Every Mom Should

IheartAbortionsWhen the press wants to smear a conservative outfit, it embarks on a mission to find and highlight someone, no matter how peripheral their involvement or unreflective of that group’s beliefs, to portray as somehow typical of their mindset. But when someone who is clearly a long-time activist in the “pro-choice” movement clearly betrays the truth — that the movement really is pro-abortion without limits — they’re nowhere to be found.

I expect that to be the case with Jessica DelBalzo’s latest item (“I Love Abortion”) filed at RH Reality Check, and not merely because the press is so predictable. It’s because the press ignored an arguably more outrageous commentary Ms. DelBalzo filed at the same site in August, where she proudly told readers that she had discussed abortion and with her two year-old child, and that all “pro-choice” mothers of toddlers who successfully escaped the womb should do the same thing — before the “forced-birth bullies” have a chance to exert their awful influence.

DelBalzo “is an activist writer from Flemington, NJ” whose work has appeared at many other sites. RH Reality Check “is an online community and publication serving individuals and organizations committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights.” In terms of influence and visibility, the organization is far from irrelevant: “We enjoyed the support of the UN Foundation and the editorial independence entrusted to us for six years, from 2006-2012. In January 2012 we branched off officially as our own independent 501 c3 (non-profit) organization, and that’s what we are today.” The UN Foundation is the outfit created as a result of Ted Turner’s billion-dollar grant to the organization in the 1998.

DelBalzo’s “I Love Abortion: Implying Otherwise Accomplishes Nothing for Women’s Rights” appeared on Wednesday. Its odious assertions have been noted at, Hot Air, and elsewhere. Here are several paragraphs (italics are in original):


Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (031612)

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An emailer has a snarky response to this arrogant piece at the Associated Press about Arizona’s demand that presidential candidates prove their eligibility for office.

The AP’s Jacques Billeaud writes:

The widely-disproved notion that the president was born abroad rather than in Hawaii, as state officials have repeatedly confirmed, comes up regularly in Arizona. Most recently, the man known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” released a report from a volunteer posse challenging the authenticity of the president’s birth certificate.

My emailer’s response: “It is widely held that the AP is a corrupt organization that is viewed by multitudes to be worthless and obsolete.” I’d say that my emailer’s notion is far more “widely-proven” in more specific AP reports than anyone can hope to count.

Actually, Jacques, something is either proven or it isn’t, and for reasons too detailed to dive into here, there is reason to doubt that definitive “proof” has been provided.


When Drudge is on his game, nobody’s better (another example here):



At Legal Insurrection (HT Instapundit):

Media Matters astroturfed the Limbaugh secondary boycott

The secondary boycott of Rush Limbaugh advertisers is portrayed in the media as a reaction to a groundswell of public outrage. In fact, the secondary boycott was initiated by and driven by Media Matters, which had a “Stop Limbaugh” campaign on the shelf waiting to be used, and was executed by Angelo Carusone, Director of Online Strategy for Media Matters.

Carusone was the person behind online efforts against Glenn Beck even before joining Media Matters in 2010, and also is behind Stop Fox News and Stop Limbaugh efforts. His role appears to be going after advertisers, and getting others to do so via Twitter and other online media.

In an interview with The Village Voice, Carusone acknowledged that there already was a dormant Stop Limbaugh campaign at Media Matters, which then was activated for this controversy …

The real suckers are the advertisers who fell for it, and left a great vehicle for building and enhancing their businesses behind.


Strong Stomach Alert (at Life News via Hot Air): “Pro-Choice” Activist: “I Love Abortion,” “Don’t Want it Rare.”

Sadly, the woman who wrote this has a strong ally in the White House.


On the Left, they file this under “That’s Not a Bug; It’s a Feature” — “CBO: Millions Could Lose Employer-Provided Health Coverage Due to Obamacare”

Positivity: First South African sainthood cause goes to Vatican

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From Tzaneen, South Africa:

Mar 16, 2012 / 04:18 am

The cause for beatification and canonization of the South African-native Benedict Daswa, who was killed for his refusal to support witchcraft, has arrived in Rome.

Bishop Joao Rodriguez of South Africa’s Tzaneen diocese said he hopes devotion to “this apostle of life” will spread and that people “will receive special graces” from Daswa’s intercession, especially for “problematic family life relations and bondage to the occult and witchcraft.”

Although his cause is still being investigated, Bishop Rodriguez told CNA March 14 that Catholics may express private devotion to Daswa and report any favors received through his intercession to the Diocese of Tzaneen.

Daswa’s case was sent to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints after he was declared “Servant of God” and diocesan-level inquiries were completed.

If approved, Daswa would be on his way to being declared blessed, making him one step away from becoming the first South African-born saint.

Consistently loyal to his profession of Christianity, Daswa refused to take part in anything related to witchcraft or the occult, which is still very much a part of the local culture.

His denouncement of witchcraft and the occult eventually led to his violent murder in 1990.

Benedict Daswa, born Samuel Daswa in 1946, belonged to the Jewish Lemba tribe in rural Limpopo in South Africa.

Up until the start of the official investigation into Daswa’s life in 2005, the members of the Catholic community of the Nweli District gathered every All Soul’s Day to pray at his grave.

Daswa grew up observing Jewish customs, but was baptized in the Church at the age of 17. He took the name Benedict after the sixth-century monk and Benedict Risimati, his catechist who instructed him on his faith as a teen. Daswa was confirmed shortly after his baptism.

After his confirmation, Daswa took a particular interest in teaching younger members of his community about Catholicism.

After a series of unusual thunderstorms and lighting strikes in the area, a group of local men suggested hiring a traditional healer to determine the cause. In order to do this, the men collected money from members of the community.

Daswa refused to give any money to the cause. Seeing this act of defiance as derogatory to their cultural beliefs, members of his community conspired to kill him.

While driving home from a visit to his sick sister-in-law, some men blocked Daswa’s way with several tree logs. When he got out of his car to investigate, Daswa was violently attacked and beaten to death by men from his own community.

According to the diocesan investigation, when Daswa saw a man coming towards him with a club to deliver the final blow, he said, “God, into your hands, receive my spirit.”

Go here for the rest of the story.

CNN’s Burnett Lets Axelrod Dodge Question of Whether Dems Will Give Back Maher’s $1 Mil

From David Axelrod’s Magic Land of the Double Standard: “Cleanup attempt at CNN. Bring the hazmat suits.”

Tonight on CNN, as reported by several outlets (Mediaite, Politico, LA Times, but not the Associated Press, which as of 11:45 p.m. on Thursday hadn’t done a national story about Maher in 10 days), David Axelrod told Erin Burnett, in the process of dodging a question about whether an Obama Super-PAC would give back Bill Maher’s $1 million contribution, said that Maher’s outrageous, misogynist comments against mostly conservative women really aren’t as important as Rush Limbaugh’s one-time, apologized-for hits at Sandra Fluke: