March 17, 2012

Not News: Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Calls For ‘Destruction of All Churches in Region’

Maybe it’s due to budget cutbacks at major establishment news sources, but I doubt it. Maybe it’s because they believe nobody cares about news out of the Middle East. No, that can’t be it. Or maybe it’s because they think that people already know and understand the Muslim mindset. Well, after several decades of press attempts to keep it from us, that doesn’t make any sense either.

Whatever the reason(s), which I’ll get to, a certain piece of what one would think is pretty significant news out of the Middle East has gone unreported for the past five days going on six. What follows are three translations of related articles through Google’s translation tool (which eliminates the budget excuse of “We need interpreters to translate these things from scratch, and don’t have the money”):


White House Knew Solyndra Was on the Brink — Before It ‘Restructured’ Loan to Favor Dem Bundler

From Hot Air (because I will not link to the Politico item it references, which will likely be used as the excuse for the AP and New York Times not to cover it, because it fails to make an obvious connection right in front of its face):

While Barack Obama highlighted the $535 million loan to Solyndra in his January 2010 State of the Union speech, by the time January 2011 rolled around, the White House didn’t want Solyndra anywhere near the next SOTU.

That’s because Solyndra’s terminal condition was quite obvious, so obvious that …

Just a few weeks later, the Department of Energy “restructured” Solyndra’s loans so that taxpayer money was subordinated to later investors, allowing Solyndra to get $75 million in new financing. That financing came from Obama campaign bundler George Kaiser, who gets his money out of Solyndra’s assets before taxpayers see one thin dime, which means that we won’t see that thin dime any time soon, if at all. The restructuring also either gave Solyndra sweetheart interest rates or perpetuated them despite the subordination, a move that the DoE and the White House have never explained.

So the question raised is this: If the White House comms group and its climate czar both knew that Solyndra was an embarrassment, and so much so that the comms group nixed having Solyndra execs attend the 2011 SOTU in person, then why did Obama and Energy Secretary Steven Chu agree to restructure the loan less than a month later on such unfavorable terms? Solyndra’s woes must have been common knowledge in the West Wing for the “director of White House message events” to have that kind of wherewithal in advance of the January 25th speech. If so, then the decision to forge ahead with the restructuring that protected an Obama bundler’s late investment while illegally subordinating taxpayer investment becomes much more curious.

“Curious”? Try “corrupt” and “irresponsible.”

The Obama Economy: Blacks, Hispanics Hardest Hit

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ObamaPeggyJosephPayForGas2008It’s not about recovery. It’s about transformation.


Note: This column went up at PJ Media and was teased here at BizzyBlog on Thursday (YouTube link to related video at right is here.


Imagine this: A group of raging white racists has gathered to assess how the economy’s performance during the 32 months since the recession officially ended is from all appearances in sync with their desire to keep blacks and Hispanics “in their place.”

For the record, meetings such as these are extremely rare, and when they do occur, they almost never include anyone with genuine power or influence. Now that membership in the Ku Klux Klan, which had been the unofficial terrorist arm of the Democratic Party for decades, is down to 5,000 or so nationwide, the Southern Poverty Law Center is running out of things to do. Desperately seeking relevance, the SPLC has chosen to squander whatever credibility it may have ever had by absurdly characterizing nonviolent, neighbor-loving outfits like the Family Research Council and other organizations which happen to believe that legalizing same-sex “marriage” may not be the wisest idea and act on that belief as “hate groups.”

As I noted in my previous column on another topic, leftist elites characterize any opposing opinions as “hate speech.” If they had their way, they would throw opponents in jail without hesitation. Recent examples confirming this harsh assessment: Gloria Allred, who wants to prosecute talk radio’s Rush Limbaugh for exercising his free-speech rights; Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem, who are demanding that Limbaugh be banned by the Federal Communications Commission; and El Paso, Texas Mayor John Cook (a Democrat; what a shock — not), who has “launched a grand jury investigation of every citizen involved” in a petition drive to recall him.

Anyway, at this mythical meeting, participants discussed the following graph produced by the federal government’s Department of Labor. It came from a report covering January 2007 to January 2012, and was amazingly said to contain “encouraging news” for African-American workers (smaller-font timeline elements and February 2012 unemployment rates were added by yours truly):


The meeting’s attendees were quite surprised and pleased to note that only four months after the recession’s end in June 2009, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for whites peaked at 9.3%. Over time, it has gradually declined to its current 7.3%. Meanwhile, Hispanic unemployment continued rising for another 13 months, topping out at 13.1% in November 2010. After falling to a still-high 10.5% in January 2012, it ticked up to 10.7% in February.

How about the situation for African-Americans? Their unemployment rate went way up, and despite occasional hints of improvement stayed up. The African-American jobless rate finally maxed out at 16.7% just seven months ago, a full two years and two months after the recession’s end. The rate fell to 13.6% in January, but jumped to 14.1% in February, a movement that the government’s March 9 employment report oddly characterized as showing “little or no change.”

That 0.5% increase was indeed small relative to another change in African-American unemployment: The jobless rate for men 20 and older spiked to 14.3% in February from 12.7% the previous month. While the “mancession” element of the recession’s impact has ended for the workforce as a whole (the overall unemployment rates for men and women 20 and older were identical in February), the jobless rate for African-American women was still 1.9 points lower than that of African-American men.

By contrast, the seasonally adjusted Hispanic unemployment rate peaked (though at a much higher rate) in December 1982, the first month after the official end of the deep recession of the early 1980s; the African-American jobless rate peaked the very next month. Both rates headed steadily downward for the rest of that decade.

Readers may have noticed that a certain Professor Derrick Bell has been in the news since Thursday, March 8. That’s when the late Andrew Breitbart’s associates released a video of some guy introducing and hugging Bell, who died in October 2011, at a 1990s Harvard rally. This guy told those assembled: “Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.” The video involving Bell, “a man who posited that the civil rights movement was too moderate because it accepted the status quo, and believed that the entire legal and constitutional system had to be transformed in radical fashion,” proves that this guy “not only associated with radicals, he was their advocate.”

While this guy, Barack Obama, has presided over the United States of America, the plight of blacks and Hispanics has worsened significantly, and to a much greater degree than it has for whites (for whom the past three years also haven’t exactly been easy), pleasing the imaginary group I described earlier.

Amazingly, at least at first glance, Obama’s economic failures haven’t visibly infuriated those his misguided policies have hurt the most. His defenders and his party have gone out of their way to excuse his mistakes and are working feverishly on behalf of his reelection. The reason for this should now be obvious: They subscribe to what Bell believed.

Despite what they say, the economy is important to them, and to Obama, only to the extent that its favorable portrayal regardless of the underlying reality facilitates victory in November. The fundamental transformation of America as we have known it is what really matters to them. They must be stopped, or we will see suffering that makes what we’re enduring today seem like a picnic.

Saturday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (031712)

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Positivity: 6-year-old West Valley boy saves grandfather with 911 call

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From West Valley City, Utah:

Tuesday, March 13 2012 8:51 p.m. MDT

When his grandpa fell down and didn’t get up or respond, 6-year-old Colby Bertelsen knew what to do.

He called 911.

The dispatcher asked Colby the address of his emergency. Clearly distressed, the boy responded: “My grandpa is dying.”

He didn’t know the address, he told the dispatcher.

The quick thinking of the Orchard Elementary kindergartner may have saved the life of his grandfather Calvin Bertelsen, age 60, of West Valley City, on Monday when the former construction worker collapsed during a seizure.

“I’m really proud of Colby,” grandmother Netta Bertelsen said. “Colby saved his life by calling 911.”

Asked how he learned to call 911, “I just knew,” Colby said. “I knew.”

Netta Bertelsen said that because of her husband’s medical problems, including diabetes and a stroke last May, they’ve told Colby, “If anything happens to grandpa, call 911.”

Colby was alone with his grandfather when the incident happened.

The 911 dispatcher stayed on the line with the boy until emergency responders arrived, asking him for further details. Colby didn’t know how old grandpa is, he told the dispatcher, but his grandpa told him he needed to go to the doctor, then collapsed in the front doorway, Colby said.

“He’s on the ground,” he said. “His feet is outside, and he’s on the ground.”

Bertelsen had hit the ground face down. The dispatcher asked the boy if he could turn his grandfather’s head to check if anything was in his mouth, but Colby said he couldn’t. He could tell grandpa was breathing, though, because he was making a sound like he was snoring, Colby said. And he was bleeding from his nose.

“He snores and then he stops and then he does it again,” he told the dispatcher.

Bertelsen was taken by ambulance to the hospital. He was released Tuesday and is resting at home. …

Go here for the rest of the story.