March 22, 2012

Kevin DeWine’s Successor Must Not Be Bob McEwen

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Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion has raised a valid “devil we know” concern about who may be selected to succeed current Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine should he resign or be booted.

I’m not in a position to evaluate all of the potential candidates, but I do want to register a strong objection to one name which seems to be in the neighborhood of the top of the list, and should not even be under consideration.

That would be former Congressman Bob McEwen.

For the benefit of those who are relatively new to political activism, there are dozens of reasons why this would be a bad idea, and a journey through the BizzyBlog archives from the 2005 and 2006 Second Congressional District GOP primaries will provide them.

But, to steal from the classic line about real estate (“the top three considerations are: location, location and location”), the top three reasons not to allow Bob McEwen to become ORP chair are: illegal voting, illegal voting, and illegal voting.

The first of the three links demonstrates that yours truly is not the one making the contention about illegal voting. It is a historical fact that the Highland County Board of Elections revoked the voter registrations of Bob and Liz McEwen for the simple reason that they had not been Ohio residents under any defensible definition for several years, but nevertheless had obtained absentee ballots and voted from Virginia.

The McEwens even claimed a Highland County address which was not theirs as their supposed residence, to which the elections board had this classic response in 2003:

The problem is that you no longer have an established residence of your own here. Mrs. Lyle’s house is not your home.

The McEwens should arguably have been referred for prosecution, and it’s a mystery to me why they weren’t.

Oh, and I almost forgot — he even had his kids illegally voting absentee from Virginia.

The dangers of a proven voting scofflaw becoming ORP Chairman, even if now apologetic (which I don’t believe he is anyway), should be self-evident.


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