March 22, 2012

Thursday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (032212)

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Though the astroturfers deny it, the circumstantial proof that the “independent boycott” campaign against Rush’s advertisers coordinated its efforts with Media Matters — which in turn coordinates its activities with the Obama White House — is overwhelmingly strong.

From a Limbaugh spokesperson, carried at the Politico: “David Brock (head of Media Matters) is so outraged at Rush Limbaugh’s words of three weeks ago that he started organizing a protest — almost 3 years ago.” It is useful to recall that it was a bit over three years ago that Limbaugh delivered a stemwinder of a speech at CPAC and publicly said “I hope he fails” to Obama’s non-stop attempt to turn the country into something we won’t recognize. It would not surprise me if a “have a boycott in a can” suggestion came from the White House.


At (HT Hot Air, as a result of covering this parent-union dispute in California:

There are so many facets to the problem of public sector unions that one of their most outrageous abuses, their war on volunteerism, is barely covered by the media. But it happens all the time, especially in public education. If any volunteer does work that could be done by a unionized worker, even if no funds exist to hire that worker, the union is likely to use all their power to stop that volunteer from providing their services.

Cue the “Reasons to Homeschool” counter from Return of the Conservatives:


Maggie Thurber: “First Solar sold its solar panels to itself.”

It made me think of a certain Steely Dan song (warning: profane word at link) — “Solar panel makers selling panels to themselves, you know they don’t give a ____ about anybody else.”

Funny how no one on the left complains about the corporate welfare at the Export-Import Bank, whose interventionist mission, like almost everything in government, the Obama administration wants to massively expand. Cato argues convincingly that it shouldn’t.


So predictable — Energy from algae is just another racket.


Classic media tactic, at an unbylined AP report on Friday:

Ohio credit rating is now ‘stable’

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says a decision by Moody’s to upgrade Ohio’s credit rating, marks the first time in nearly five years that all three major rating agencies have deemed the state “stable.”

“Kasich says” is a method used to discount something which either is or isn’t objectively true — and which the reporter is either too lazy to verify or deliberately employs to diminish the truth’s impact.

In this case, the reporter identifies three agencies (Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch) where the state’s credit rating is stable or better.

This isn’t about what “Kasich says”; it’s about what objectively is.

This POS (pungently odious scribbling) reporting is all too typical.


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