March 28, 2012

Study: The Medieval Warm Period Was Worldwide; Globalarmists, Globaloney Hardest Hit

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GlobalWarmingAt the UK Daily Mail (HT to Poor Richard’s News via Ace):

Is this finally proof we’re NOT causing global warming? The whole of the Earth heated up in medieval times without human CO2 emissions, says new study

  • Evidence was found in a rare mineral that records global temperatures
  • Warming was global and NOT limited to Europe
  • Throws doubt on orthodoxies around ‘global warming’

The “Medieval Warm Period” has been an inconvenient roadblock to globalarmist “scientists.” An Investor’s Business Daily editorial Tuesday evening explains — and recalls:

… [T]he reality of such a period is a strong sign that climate change is both natural and cyclical, not moved by man’s modern habits.

In fact, confirmation of the Medieval Warm Period not only dilutes the alarmists’ argument, it virtually kills it.

So rather than deal with it, they act as if it never happened. They want to try to make it, as one message among the Climate-gate emails suggested, “go away.”

Marc Sheppard laid out a complete explanation of the treachery at American Thinker in December 2009.

What should “go away” is what yours truly has been calling “globaloney.” It has no basis in truth, and is there only to justify government micromanagement of the economy and citizens’ everyday activities.

Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (032812)

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At the Wall Street Journal:

Demand for U.S. Debt Is Not Limitless
In 2011, the Fed purchased a stunning 61% of Treasury issuance. That can’t last.

If it weren’t for the Fed creating money to buy our debt, no one would have bought our debt. It’s difficult to see how this can end well.


Also at the Wall Street Journal, on the ObamaCare arguments taking place at the Supreme Court, first on yesterday’s individual mandate discussions:

Tuesday’s two hours of Supreme Court oral arguments on ObamaCare’s individual mandate were rough-going for the government and its assertions of unlimited federal power. Several Justices are clearly taking seriously the Constitution’s structural checks and balances that are intended to protect individual liberty.

… they failed to elicit from Mr. (Solicitor General Donald) Verrilli some limiting principle under the Commerce Clause that distinguishes a health plan mandate from any other purchase mandate that would be unconstitutional. The exchanges recalled the famous moment in Citizens United when the government claimed it could ban books to regulate political speech.

If you have access, check out the exchange between Justice Alito and Verrilli about the government’s ability to force young people to buy burial insurance.

On ObamaCare’s handling of Medicaid:

The Court has always balanced federal and state power by distinguishing between pressure and coercion. ObamaCare crosses that line. The conditions of new Medicaid conscript the states into involuntary servitude to the federal government’s policy goals, in this case national health care. They would no longer be independent and autonomous units within the federalist system but agents of Washington.

It would be foolish to build up hope for a ruling tossing ObamaCare, but it looks like there’s at least a possibility.


At the Daily Caller“Paper: Spike Lee (re)tweeted incorrect George Zimmerman address, possibly putting Sanford woman in danger.” Possibly? The situation was originally noted by Kerry Picket at the Washington Times, who later updated:

9:00 PM EST 3/27/12- The Smoking Gun is reporting that an elderly couple lives at the Edgewater Circle address. It is the residence of David McClain, 72, and his wife Elaine, 70. “The McClains, both of whom work for the Seminole County school system, have lived in the 1310-square-foot lakefront home for about a decade, records show.”

According to TSG, the couple is living in fear since their address was linked to the Trayvon Martin shooting …

TSG notes: “Besides overlooking the different middle initial, perhaps that answer is connected to an old voter record for a “William George Zimmerman” at the Edgewater Circle property. That registration, which dates back to 1995, is for a 41-year-old man. The Zimmerman who shot Martin is 28.”

A lawsuit would appear to be in order against Lee, who apparently did nothing to verify someone else’s tweet before retweeting and gave the false info visibility (240,000 followers) it would never have otherwise had.

Update: Via Fox (original at Orlando Sentinel), almost guaranteed not to be seen at any other establishment press outlet — “Spike Lee Terror Tweet Forces Elderly Couple Out of their Home.”

Update 2: More at


Via Clay Waters at NewsBusters: “As Pope Draws Crowds in Cuba, NYT Suddenly Remembers Big Crowds Are Product of ‘Intimidation,’ ‘Orchestration’”

This is probably the only big crowd which hasn’t been orchestrated since the last time a pope visited Cuba.


Ace, via PJ Tatler (headline is from the related AP story, the distribution of which appears to be limited to Texas) — “Texas wins latest round with EPA in federal court.” It relates to the EPA’s “War on Texas” discussed here in January 2011.

Texas won big, and the judge ordered the EPA to act “expeditiously.” I’m sure the EPA will drag its feet for at least 7-1/2 months, and expect it to appeal with no basis for doing so as part of their strategy.

Positivity: Pope calls for shift in Cuban ‘cultural and moral direction’

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From Santiago de Cuba:

Mar 26, 2012 / 03:32 pm

Shortly after arriving in Cuba, Pope Benedict XVI encouraged the nation to embrace moral values that will contribute to building “a better future.”

During his opening speech, the Pope urged the country to work towards “real progress,” that requires “an ethics which focuses on the human person and takes account of the most profound human needs, especially man’s spiritual and religious dimension.”

After concluding his 3-day trip to Mexico, Pope Benedict arrived at the Antonio Maceo International Airport in Santiago de Cuba on the afternoon of March 26.

In a welcoming ceremony, he greeted President Raúl Castro, government authorities, and the local bishops, and then expressed his “heartfelt affection” for the local Church and all Cubans.

“You are always present in my heart and prayers, especially in the days preceding the much anticipated moment of my visit to you,” he said.

The Pope recalled Blessed John Paul II’s “historic visit” to Cuba in 1998, saying that it “left an indelible mark on the soul of all Cubans.”