April 4, 2012

Passage of the Day: ‘He Knows What Judicial Review Is’

Bill Wilson at Net Right Daily cuts through the clutter on President Obama’s Supreme Court-related pronouncements of the past two days:

He knows what judicial review is.

Obama is attempting to intimidate the Court by delegitimizing it. This is what you’d expect from a thug dictator like Hugo Chavez or Robert Mugabe, not from the President of the United States. Overtly attacking the Court in such a shameless way is beneath the dignity of his high office.

It may be nothing new, but that does not make Obama’s attack on the Court any less contemptible either.

One hopes that even if he does not embrace the likely ruling against Obamacare’s constitutionality, he at least complies with it. If not, we may well have an extraordinary constitutional crisis on our hands just months before the election.

It is new in the post-World War II era. Wilson’s most recent citation of court intimidation is FDR’s attempt to pack the Supreme Court, after which, as Wilson notes, the Court started giving okey-dokeys to some of FDR’s statist efforts and positions.

I certainly am not assuming that he will take heed of the Supremes if they rule against him. Yours truly, along with Mark and Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion, had this guy pegged as a Chavez/Mugabe wannabe in 2008.


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