April 5, 2012

Garden-R-Girl: Remember When Obama Twice Promised to Faithfully Uphold the Constitution?

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Note from Tom: This post comes from “Garden-R-Girl,” who describes herself as someone who “writes when she’s not in the garden. She sees the world of politics and pop culture through the prism of a dirty, rough-handed gardener’s world.”

She may not appreciate this sentiment, but I’m personally rooting for lots of rain, so Garden-R-Girl can submit more gems like what follows.


ObamaTakesOathOfOffice0109I bet Justice Roberts remembers. And perhaps Judge Jerry Smith recalls the two tries it took on January 21, 2009 for Barack Hussein Obama to be sworn in as our 44th President. A friend emailed today wanting to know if that same president really thinks the US court system doesn’t have the right to overturn laws on constitutional grounds? “I recall Obama taking an OATH to defend the Constitution!” my incredulous friend shouted.

Which got me to thinking– Why does Obama take so lightly the Oath he endeavored to take twice? And, by the way, why exactly did he need the re-do?

The first is a thorny question a federal judge wants answered too. You might have heard, Judge Smith is needling Obama (DOJ ) harder than a Falco pruner for a written explanation on O’s recent rose garden rant–the one on April 2 where amid the chirping birds and early buds he ran his mouth off against the “unelected” schleps that make up our US Supreme Court. Since then, the acrid scent of power grab and intimidation have wafted beyond the heavenly White House rosa rugosa and now permeate the country. Finally, people are getting a whiff of the real Obama and they don’t like it. Judges want answers and so do good Americans.

Now, as for the second question, why did Obama need to double down on the presidential oath?
It seems that the word “faithfully” was at issue.

“…On Tuesday, Roberts misplaced the word “faithfully” in the oath of office during the formal ceremony on the west front of the U.S. Capitol. Roberts recited to “execute the office of president to the United States faithfully,” instead of the correct clause to “faithfully execute the office of president of the United States.” The error made Obama pause and smile mid-oath and Roberts corrected his gaffe.”

Obama’s problem with the word “faithfully” from his first day in office foretold of a recurring theme. While Justice Roberts may have mixed up the placement of the word, it’s president Obama who has altogether deleted it. Ask everyone from the frightened residents of our border states to the GM bond holders to our foreign allies who look to us for dependable protection. Ask also the millions who desperately seek employment how Obama has lived up to his fumbled Oath. Evidence will show that the only thing Obama faithfully executes these days is work on his short game and fundraising bluster. The spectacularly unfaithful Obama once smiled at having to retake his promise of constitutional fidelity. This story, this week all boils down to this one word–faithfully– all the hallmarks of an epic Shakespearean concoction of tragedy and irony.

If only it were just sonnets and gardens at risk and not our republic.


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