April 5, 2012

Thursday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (040512)

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Joseph Curl at the Washington Times (“Divide and conquer: Obama knows exactly what he’s saying”):

… His provably false remarks weren’t aimed at Supreme Court justices, but rather at uninformed Americans, especially liberals (is there any other kind?). The most divisive president in history is setting up yet another straw man for his re-election campaign, one that fits directly into his strategy to divide and conquer.

The campaign geniuses, the same ones who came up with the idea to run against the much-despised Congress (even though Democrats control the Senate), have decided that deriding the Supreme Court as an arm of the Republican Party is a winning plan, one that will resonate across the country come November.

Curl doesn’t think it will work. I’m not so sure; look how quickly Congress folded when Obama and the Democrats played the Social Security/Medicare card during the debt ceiling debacle.


John Hawkins at Hot Air (HT Instapundit; bolds are mine):

Good news: Obama’s illegal immigrant uncle is getting his driver’s license back

Onyango Obama has been living in America illegally since 1963. He was supposed to be deported in 1992, but since the government has no interest in actually enforcing the law, we don’t detain many of the illegals we catch. Therefore, rather than being deported, illegals run away — which is not exactly a shocker to anyone who’s not a government employee.

So here’s a key question: Why should we want a 67 year old with a drunk-driving rap who has been running from the law for twenty years to be allowed to stay in our country? What message does it send to all the immigrants who have been waiting patiently in their home countries to come here legally? The message would either have to be, “You’re really stupid to obey the law,” “It’s good to be related to the President,” or some combination thereof.

Moreover, how has Onyango Obama been working? Does he get paid under the table? Does he have a fake Social Security number? He definitely has a driver’s license, which makes you wonder if he’s registered to vote. Did Onyango Obama vote for his nephew in 2008? If he did, would anyone even realize an illegal alien voted? Will he be voting for him in 2012?

Stories like this make apathy look attractive.


News the establishment press will probably decide you can’t use, from the Catholic News Agency:

‘Occupy’ movement damages San Francisco Church’s property

San Francisco’s archdiocese is assessing damage to a Church-owned building intended to be a revenue stream for scholarships, following its takeover by “Occupy” activists who were arrested April 2.

… Now, a portion of that money is likely to go toward repairing the damage left by Occupy San Francisco, so that the buildings can be restored to a usable condition.

The buildings, Wesolek said, “weren’t abandoned. They weren’t neglected. They were there for the things that we do, as the Catholic Church, in our mission … for the poor, and the homeless, and the marginalized.”

… Now, a portion of that money is likely to go toward repairing the damage left by Occupy San Francisco, so that the buildings can be restored to a usable condition.

The buildings, Wesolek said, “weren’t abandoned. They weren’t neglected. They were there for the things that we do, as the Catholic Church, in our mission … for the poor, and the homeless, and the marginalized.”

Never forget that the Occupy movement has the Barack Obama (proof hereherehere, and here) and seal of approval.


Arab Spring Update:

U.S. Pressing Interpol to Deny Egypt’s Request to Arrest NGO Workers

According to people familiar with the case, State Department counsel Harold Koh and Justice Department Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bruce Swartz are trying to convince Interpol to dismiss as “politically motivated” Egypt’s request for worldwide notices seeking the arrest of some personnel from several nongovernmental organizations that receive U.S. funding.

Cairo’s continued plans to prosecute the NGO workers is a sharp rebuke to the U.S., which has been pressing Egypt to drop the criminal charges against 43 nongovernmental workers—17 of them Americans—from the Washington-based National Democratic Institute, International Republican Institute, Freedom House, and International Center for Journalists.

Tensions between Washington and Cairo eased on March 1 when seven American democracy workers were allowed to leave Egypt after their institutions paid some $5 million in “bail” to lift the travel ban against them. These Americans—including IRI’s Sam LaHood, son of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood—still face charges in a trial slated to resume on Tuesday, but are not currently wanted for arrest in Egypt.

… Meanwhile, the prosecution has effectively sidelined some U.S.-funded democracy programs in the Egypt. “Our ability to operate as a fully functioning operation is nonexistent at the moment,” Dunne said. With Egypt investigating as many as 400 organizations in the country, Dunne said, “there’s a terrible concern… about the chilling effect on Egyptian civil society.”

In “totally unrelated” news, the Muslim Brotherhood got a White House welcome, even as it broke its pledge not to run a presidential candidate in Egypt: “White House officials held talks with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood in Washington this week, as the Islamist group threw itself into the fray in Egypt’s presidential election.”



  1. Moves by Democrats to limit freedom of travel out of the US by US citizens:

    Owe The IRS? Bill Would Suspend Passport Rights For Delinquent Taxpayers


    However, there does not appear to be any specific language requiring a taxpayer to be charged with tax evasion or any other crime in order to have their passport revoked or limited — only that a notice of lien or levy has been filed by the IRS.

    notice who sponsored this piece of work… Barbara Boxer.

    Let us envision an IRS who without accountability and recourse administratively (without due process) filing liens without any notice to ensnare unaware Americans traveling out of the country. What this bill does is attack the very foundation of what it is to be an American, the freedom of movement. Every authoritarian government has one thing in common, they limit the movement of their subjects to control them.

    Did not the courts just slap down the EPA for unaccountable administrative actions encumbering the use of one’s property?

    Comment by dscott — April 5, 2012 @ 8:15 am

  2. Americans brace for next foreclosure wave


    The halting of the robo signing mess basically delayed the inevitable, thus extending the housing crisis. So we can expect an uptick in foreclosures right up into the election cycle. There is only one solution to this – jobs. You can’t make a mortgage payment if you are unemployed or under employed in a part time job.

    Notice the claim that the housing market is getting better! but on the other hand they admit this next foreclosure wave is going to be WORSE than 2010. The cognitive dissonance is striking.

    Comment by dscott — April 5, 2012 @ 8:27 am

  3. The reason why every GOPer shakes their heads at racial preferences in the Democrat Party

    Barry: ‘We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in’


    I realized lately that the con job Democrats did on Blacks as a group was indeed a stroke of genius. Here is a political party that created the KKK to enforce white rule (racial preference) at the expense of Blacks only to turn around in the 1960s after the passage of the Civil Rights Act to offer Blacks the same political patronage as they did for whites. It’s as though as a group they learned absolutely nothing from their experience.

    What Blacks accepted in the Democrat Party was the premise that its their turn at racial preference policies. It is no wonder that Martin Luther King was a Republican, he must have realized the Faustian Bargain being offered by the Democrat Party. You can’t achieve equality by engaging in discrimination. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson sold out Blacks to become factional leaders of the Democrat Party in a purely cynical move that merely substituted one form of racism for another. It can be summed up in the slogan, “it’s our turn.” These policies are zero sum games which can not support wealth creation and thus cements the existence of the underclass. As a result, the whole attitude of “I have to get my share” results in the looting of the country through unrestrained taxation and borrowing for out of control government spending.

    I think we need to face the fact that this generation of Blacks as a group voting as they do because of this it’s my turn attitude is a total loss. As long as this attitude continues, Blacks as a group will remain economically disadvantaged and beholding to Democrats for hand outs. Of course you don’t talk bad about people who give you stuff, never mind the false generosity of the faux givers taking money from others and taking credit for it.

    Comment by dscott — April 5, 2012 @ 12:23 pm

  4. Follow up on Marion Barry, A DEMOCRAT, articulating the rationale for racism, then back peddling when called on it:


    video in the middle of the article.

    Comment by dscott — April 6, 2012 @ 7:25 am

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