April 14, 2012

An Open Letter Concerning Bob McEwen, the Ohio Stupid Party’s ‘Branding’ Designee

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NoToMcEwen2012Friday evening during the TIB radio show, I became aware of this item at Seth Morgan’s Facebook haunt:

congrats to Bob McEwen for being asked to lead in the branding of the OH GOP and be a leading spokesperson

It was followed this morning by a forwarded email from elsewhere originally sent last night, which read in part (spelling errors in original fixed):

During his remarks, Bennett described a special role for former Congressman Bob McEwen, one of our SCC candidates who won in 2010. He envisioned McEwen, whose speaking skills are considered to be on the Reagan/Palin/Rubio level, fulfilling a new function as spokesman. The role will not be directed so much to “preaching to the choir”, except as necessary for motivational purposes, as to educating and persuading the pubic about our conservative beliefs, especially on college campuses and in “swing” communities. If your organization is in such an area or can stage an event in such an area, Bob McEwen is your guy.

(Aside: McEwen is nowhere near any of the three people mentioned in speaking skills. His conservative message is powerful because conservatism is powerful, but in delivery he’s on a par with a better-than-average corporate trainer, and I’m being generous. But I digress.)

My response to the emailer, leaving out that person’s name and slightly reformatted for a blog post, follows:



You might want to reconsider your assessment of Bob McEwen in light of these facts (not opinions, but matters of historical public record):

It is a historical fact that the Highland County Board of Elections revoked the voter registrations of Bob and Liz McEwen for the simple reason that they had not been Ohio residents under any defensible definition for several years, but nevertheless had obtained absentee ballots and voted from Virginia.

The McEwens even claimed a Highland County address which was not theirs as their supposed residence, to which the elections board had this classic response in 2003:

The problem is that you no longer have an established residence of your own here. Mrs. Lyle’s house is not your home.

The McEwens should arguably have been referred for prosecution, and it’s a mystery to me why they weren’t.

Oh, and I almost forgot — he even had his kids illegally voting absentee from Virginia.

In case you care, the two letters from the Highland County BOE are here. You can see where Bob and his family really lived in Virginia until at least 2006 here.

Also in case you care, there is still a 411.com directory listing for McEwen and his wife and one of his children, and he still owns the Fairfax Station, VA home (in a trust effective in 2009). One would think that someone would have made sure that Bob McEwen really is currently an Ohio resident before waving him through as chief “branding” person. Did anyone do that?

So in a state where ACORN worked actively to subvert the 2008 election with the help of Jenny Brunner, the ORP’s “branding” guy who is going to be “educating and persuading the public about our conservative beliefs, especially on college campuses and in ‘swing’ communities” is going to be a guy who illegally voted in Ohio for at least four years (1999-2002).

Words fail.

I’d like to believe that the Central Committee still has a chance to recover its senses and remove a PROVEN voting scofflaw from an official position representing the entire Ohio Republican Party.

And I didn’t even get to the part about McEwen’s proven involvement in the House Bank scandal in the early 1990s, which is why he lost his Congressional seat in the first place; his post-Congressional career as a lobbyist (which is why he was indisputably a Virginia resident until at least 2005, and substantively for some time thereafter); and his role as a well-paid frontman and probably more in multilevel marketing “pioneer” Amway.

It is incomprehensible and appalling that none of these items, any one of which would cause conservatives and Republicans to go ballistic if Democrats and leftists were involved in them, don’t seem to matter at all.

Unless they change their minds, Ohio’s Republican and Tea Party conservative “leaders” who support this have been utterly played, and have surrendered their credibility.

Tom Blumer


Effective immediately, and as long as this move stands, ORPINO (the Ohio Republican Party In Name Only) will henceforth be referred to as OSP (the Ohio Stupid Party).



  1. Up here in Montana, branding involves the use of a hot poker. Maybe you ought to try it that way over in Ohio, too.

    Comment by Mkelley — April 14, 2012 @ 9:40 pm

  2. And to quote the relatively obscure movie “One on One”: “All the way up with a red hot poker.”

    Comment by Tom — April 15, 2012 @ 12:44 am

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