April 22, 2012

AP: Obama’s Chances Improve in Ohio and Mich. Because of Him; No Mention of States’ GOP Governors

It has become clear what the Obama campaign’s strategy for trying to win states like Michigan and Ohio is and will continue to be. In three steps, it’s as follows: 1) Pretend that the states’ Republican governors, John Kasich in Ohio and Rick Snyder in Michigan, who both succeeded free-spending Democrats who presided over stagnant economies, have had nothing to do with their increased employment, lower unemployment rates, and improved business climates (as well as balanced budgets in fiscal 2012 involving no tax increases, though Snyder may ruin that in Michigan this year); 2) Instead give the credit for all of these favorable developments to Obama and the governments’ bailouts of Chrysler and General Motors; 3) Don’t say anything about how other states run by Dems, particularly Illinois, North Carolina, and Connecticut, are lagging because they have instead tried to apply Washington’s tax-and-spend model to their states’ fiscal situations.

Of course the AP, aka the Adminisitration’s Press, is all too willing to make the administration’s laughable claims appear credible. It did so in two separate items this week, one giving basic details about the job-market situations in Ohio, Michigan, and North Carolina, and the other covering Obama allegedly improving chances of winning Ohio, Michigan, and a dozen other “swing” states. There was no mention of the Buckeye State’s or Wolverine State’s chief executives in either article.


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Positivity: Louisiana moms sew ‘Threads of Love’ for preemies

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From Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

Apr 21, 2012 / 01:04 pm (CNA).- Thirteen years ago Dolly Courville’s family received a packet of clothing and baby items for her tiny twin grandchildren who were born premature and placed in the Neo Natal Intensive Care unit at Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge.

One of the twins passed away. The other stayed in intensive care for four months, and is now a thriving 13-year-old. But Dolly never forgot how much that package given to her by the Threads of Love ministry meant to her and her family.

“When I found out my church parish of Immaculate Conception had a Threads of Love chapter, I joined. We appreciated it so much, and now I can give back,” she said.

Courville is one of about 22 women in the Denham Springs, La. church who meet once a month to prepare as many as 60 packages for babies in the NIC Unit.

Each packet contains a tiny bonnet, a shirt about the size of an adult hand, crocheted booties, a “lovie doll” and a prayer.

“We all love babies. This is a ministry of love and faith and of believing in life,” said coordinator Linda Lopez. “Parents expect to have a healthy baby, but something can go wrong and they find themselves in the NIC Unit. We all believe in what we are doing.”

Joan Feucht, who said her mother taught her to sew when she was a child, agreed. “I love sewing. This is a way for me to give back the gifts God gave me.”

Dorothy Cwieka said she decided to join Threads of Love after all of her children had grown. “Once they left home, we decided we wanted to do something for babies,” she said.

Courville and her husband stuff the white socks that form the base for the Lovie Dolls. A brightly colored ribbon is tied around the filled sock about a third of the way from the top to form a head. Other Threads of Love members draw facial features on the doll.

The doll is placed first with the mother, so that it can absorb her scent. Then it is placed with the baby, who is in intensive care, and returned again to the mother, hopefully forming a bond between them. Lopez said the dolls are also thought to help bring in the mother’s milk.

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