April 27, 2012

Positivity: In 2003, Mitt Romney Rescued Capsized Boaters — And Their Dog — With Sons’ Help

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Yes, this story crosses into the political realm because of who it’s about. Readers surely know I am deeply concerned about his politics and public record and what I still believe is his objective unfitness for public office (but of course nowhere hear as unfit as his general election opponent), but heroism is heroism.

It also shreds an establishment media and Democratic Party (but I repeat myself) obsession.

That doesn’t change the fact that it qualifies as a Positivity story. Here it is — From Waltham, Massachusetts, eight year ago (HT Hot Air):

Romney rescues capsized boaters

Posted Jul 06, 2003 @ 08:00 PM
Last update Jul 19, 2007 @ 05:36 PM

Gov. Mitt Romney rode to the rescue over the weekend during a vacation trip — using his Jet Ski to help pluck a New Jersey family and their dog out of Lake Winnipesaukee after their boat sank.

The drama began at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday, as Romney and his family were relaxing at their lakeside summer home in Wolfeboro, N.H.

Gubernatorial son Josh Romney told the Herald yesterday that he and brother Craig were cleaning the beach while their father puttered in the garage when the quiet night air was pierced with screams.

“We heard a whole bunch of screaming,” said Josh Romney, who immediately hopped onto his Jet Ski. “We tore out of there and my dad hopped on the other Jet Ski and came out right after us.”

Roughly 300 yards out onto the lake, six adult family members and their dog were floundering in the water, after their boat suddenly sprung a huge leak — sinking in less than 90 seconds, Josh said.

While water temperatures were a balmy 75 degrees, the deepening darkness obscured other boaters’ vision — prompting the victims’ terrified howls as they were buzzed by other vessels cruising in the entrance to Wolfeboro Bay.

Chasing fleeting glimpses of “bobbling heads” in the water, the Romney trio arrived on their two Jet Skis to find three women and three men wearing lifejackets they hadn’t even had time to buckle.

The governor pulled the two younger women aboard his three-seater Jet Ski and zoomed back to shore, while his sons helped the mother of the family onto their vehicle.

In the middle of the rescue, the governor actually took a dunking himself — thrown off the Jet Ski as one anxious boater scrambled aboard and tipped the craft off-balance.

The rescuing Romneys also managed to snatch the family dog, McKenzie, from a watery grave — grabbing the Scottish terrier first because it was the only passenger without a lifejacket.

“It looked like it wasn’t going to last much longer,” said Josh, who held the waterlogged pooch on the ride back to shore.

With Josh and Craig hovering nearby, the three men treaded water until the governor returned and made two more trips to ferry them back.

The weekend incident actually marked the Romney clan’s second heroic rescue on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Several years ago, the elder Romney — who was then heading up the Olympics — and the boys had to rush out in a boat and scoop up a batch of kayakers who were being battered and run onto rocks by fierce winds.

Josh Romney shrugged off the “hero” label.

“We were just lucky to be in the right place,” he said. “We did what anyone else would have done.”

Go here for the full story.

While on the topic of positivity: One must also admire Romney and his family holding back on telling the above story while being savaged over something far less consequential which happened twenty years earlier. And yes, yours truly erred in buying into the presumptive assessment of Ana Marie Cox at Time Magazine made here (last item at link) in early 2008.

To those who cynically see it as the ultimate in effective strategy (i.e., wait until someone else eventually finds it, or tip someone to it at the opportune time) — Unless someone can prove that the incident didn’t happen as described (highly doubtful), so what? The only people hurt by the strategy are people who deserve it.


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