May 5, 2012

Peggy Noonan Tries to Make Excuses for Dick Lugar, Who’s Out of Them

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Memo to Peg, who attempted yesterday to resuscitate a failing primary campaign for six-term incumbent Indiana Senator Dick Lugar: We’re tired of excuses. Really, really tired.

Even if we grant Noonan’s contentions that Lugar is a smart guy, that his instincts lean conservative, and that throwing his institutional senatorial memory overboard would be regrettable if he is replaced (I don’t concede Items 2 or 3), that doesn’t make up for two things: He hasn’t followed through on his conservative instincts often enough, and he is out of touch.

On conservative follow-through, two sources:

  • Club for Growth — 2010, 70%; 2011, 80%; Lifetime up to 2011, 65%. Translation: A completely dismal record until it started becoming clear that he would be vulnerable — and even then he could only manage 29th place among all senators.
  • Numbers USA’s grade for Lugar on immigration issues — D

On being out-of-touch, I’ll quote Noonan:

… 35. That’s how many years he’s been in the Senate, how many years he’s lived and worked primarily in the environs of Washington, not Indiana, where apparently he no longer has a home. That was a mistake.

That’s not a “mistake,” Peg. It’s a betrayal.

Richard Mourdock for Senate.


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