May 19, 2012

UPDATE: AP National Site Headline on Trayvon Martin Case Evidence Goes From ‘Huge Gaps’ to ‘Questions Nag,’ But ‘Huges Gaps’ Version Persists

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Update: An AP official has responded to this post. That response, and my reply, are here.

Note: A sentence which erroneously reported the Eastern Time Zone equivalent of a story at the Kansas City Star has been removed. 

The Associated Press appears to have done something unusual in its coverage of the the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case on Monday. Two identically worded stories with differing headlines are still at the AP’s national site.

It is more than a little odd that the story with the earlier headline (“Cache of evidence in shooting, still huge gaps”) is still present. The headline grossly mischaracterizes the nature of the publicly released data. The same story with a different and more accurate headline (“Amid evidence cache in Martin case, questions nag”) is also still there. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen at AP, especially not for over 24 hours (the time stamps on the two stories are both late Friday afternoon). Graphics with the two examples follow the jump.


Lizzie Warren and ‘Pow Wow Chow’; There’s a Bigger Story Out There

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Really? The gal can’t even compose a recipe on her own, and has to plagiarize those worked up by others?

But enough on Warren. What the world really needs to see is Barack Obama’s recipe for Bow Wow Chow.

‘One $41 Cake at a Time’

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Warren Kozak in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, reacting to a mother’s purchase of a $41 ice-cream cake and paying for with her Food Stamp program’s EBT card (bolds are mine):

… I quickly calculated that the woman’s cake was eight times more expensive than the kind I make at home to celebrate birthdays.

… I wondered how we arrived at this point as a nation. I also felt like a chump.

The vast majority of Americans—Democrat, Republican or independent—will readily help someone who cannot make ends meet in a bad economy. Americans want a hungry child to be fed. I know this because in no other country do people donate more to charities. Americans will go far beyond what our taxes already pay for to help the less fortunate. We have been blessed with overabundance in this land, and we are a very generous people.

But over the last four decades, our government has quietly done away with almost all of the restrictions once placed on food assistance. SNAP cards (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) can be used to purchase practically anything with the exception of liquor and cigarettes. These cards are also openly and illegally sold for cash, which allows the recipient to buy anything they want, including cigarettes and liquor.

Food assistance is helping many families keep their heads above water when they would otherwise not get by, and many of these families watch every dime. But the system also allows people to flagrantly disregard the program’s original purpose.

We should feel like chumps. As a nation, we’re going broke in no small part because of the fact that we’re being played — and the government effort to stop it is completely inadequate.

Saturday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (051912)

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Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow later. Other topics are also fair game.


Positivity: 5 yr old Luke Durst thanks paramedics who saved

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From Kennewick, Washington:

Published: May 17, 2012 at 10:34 PM PDT

Action News is continuing to cover a story we have been following for you since the very beginning. It’s been three months since 5-year-old Luke Durst fell from his family’s second floor window in Kennewick.

He was severely injured, but has made an incredible recovery. And on Wednesday, he said thank you to the fire and EMS crews who saved his life.

As he arrived at the Richland Fire Station at Keene and Gage, he showed virtually no signs of the massive injury he received just three months ago.

“He went from not walking, not talking, not swallowing,” says Luke’s father Matt Durst. “And now he’s great. You can’t even tell, just by looking at him.”

But the first responders recall the last time they saw Luke, when he was clinging to life.

“The screen was pushed out, and the little boy was unconscious. We knew it was bad right away,” says Bob Grubenhoff.

They remember working hard to save the little boy’s life. But they credit Luke’s remarkable and speedy recovery to one thing.

“We’re here for God,” says Cory Henson. “We do His work. And we have the right angels in the right place with us. And He’s got a bigger plan for Luke, definitely.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.