May 22, 2012

Big Three Evening Newscasts At or Near All-Time 25-54 Demographic Lows

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At Media Bistro earlier today, the news about the combined average total audience for the Big Three TV networks’ evening news was grim enough, coming in at a combined 20.15 million (NBC, 7.52 million; ABC, 7.14 million; CBS, 5.49 million).

But the news about the audience in the key 25-54 demographic was, from what I can tell, either an all-time low or darned close to it. I couldn’t find an example of one that was lower in searches through previous overall audience low points covered in prior posts at NewsBusters and or my home blog. Last week and other weeks which were almost as low in the 25-54 deme follow the jump:


UPDATE: Continued Presence of NYT’s ‘Wall Street Psychopaths’ Op-ed Becomes Totally Indefensible

Last night (at NewsBusters; at BizzyBlog), I noted the total inadequacy of a correction the New York Times made to a notorious William Deresiewicz op-ed (“Fables of Wealth”) published on May 12. Deresiewicz originally claimed that “A recent study found that 10 percent of people who work on Wall Street are ‘clinical psychopaths’ … (The proportion at large is 1 percent.).” The study he cited was really of 203 management trainees, the proportion of supposed psychopaths found was 4%, and the study’s authors said that generalizing the results in any way to the overall population should not be done. As I asserted, the Times should long ago have pulled the op-ed instead of trying to cure something which is incurable.

Well, it turns out that Deresiewicz completely blew it in interpreting the rest of the alleged foundation of his op-ed, namely English writer Bernard Mandeville’s “The Fable of the Bees,” leaving the author utterly without any support for his anticapitalist and anticapitalism screed. At his blog (HT John Hinderaker at Powerline), Pejman Yousefzadeh performed the clinical dismemberment:


Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (052212)

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Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow later. Other topics are also fair game.


Positivity: Hero remains humble

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From Paterson, New Jersey:

SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2012

A lot has happened to Horace Rattigan since February, when his dramatic rescue of an elderly woman from a burning house in Paterson captivated the city and branded the 24-year-old a hero.

Horace Rattigan, 24, was offered a job in downtown Paterson, tidying up the area and giving directions as cleanup ‘ambassador.’

Civic organizations in Paterson reached out, asking how they could help. When officials with the Downtown Paterson Special Improvement District, a non-profit agency, learned Rattigan was unemployed, they offered him a job as a cleanup “ambassador,” giving directions and helping to tidy the city’s business district.

And recently, the Carnegie Hero Fund said Rattigan has been nominated for a Carnegie Medal, which is awarded to civilians who perform extraordinary acts of heroism. Now, in addition to keeping Paterson’s downtown clean, attending award ceremonies has become part of Rattigan’s routine.

Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik gave him a livesaving award. Then, on Wednesday night, Rattigan waded through a phalanx of police officers, sheepishly accepting handshakes during a standing ovation as he made his way to a podium at the Fiesta banquet hall in Wood-Ridge.

The occasion was an annual award ceremony sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 46 of Rochelle Park, an organization of active and retired police officers.

Short and stocky, Rattigan momentarily disappeared in the crowd, before emerging at the podium and leaning into the microphone.

“All I have to say is thank you for your support,” Rattigan said before returning to his table to finish his pasta.

Unacceptable: NYT’s ‘Correction’ to Op-ed Writer’s Incurably False ‘Wall Street Psychopaths’ Op-Ed

The New York Times apparently wants us to believe that it has done its journalistic duty by issuing a “correction,” the text of which will follow the jump, to an especially odious May 12 op-ed (“Fables of Wealth”) written by William Deresiewicz.

The author, who describes himself as “An essayist, critic and the author of ‘A Jane Austen Education,’” originally claimed, as quoted at the Media Research Center’s TimesWatch, that “A recent study found that 10 percent of people who work on Wall Street are ‘clinical psychopaths’ … (The proportion at large is 1 percent.).” Uh, not exactly (bolds are mine throughout this post):