May 27, 2012

Brett Kimberlin and ‘SWATting’: Where Is the Establishment Press?

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As the clock in the Eastern time zone officially tells me that it’s Memorial Day, it occurs to me that the men and women we honor today did not fight and die so they would see their country become one where a person could be hounded from their home, see themselves and/or loved ones lose their jobs, worry about the safety of their kids, or be visited by police with guns drawn as a result of a false anonymous tip — all of which has “just so happened” to occur in close proximity to having blogged about the activities of a certain person and his associates.

It also occurs to me that part of the way of life these men and women died to preserve had to do with defending the rights of the press (which at the time of our Founders was understood to be anyone “down” to the level of a pamphleteer) to conscientiously do their jobs, and that part of the reason why what is happening as described in the first paragraph goes on may be because those involved know that they often won’t be called out by the local, regional, or national press — virtually no matter how egregious their offenses. And if they somehow do get caught, tried, and jailed, they frequently become objects of orchestrated sympathy — and too many in the media aren’t averse to playing along. What’s more, it seems that some of the worst perpetrators of these crimes against basic human decency, and in some cases actual crimes, are doing so with the assistance of money obtained from people who like to think of themselves as politically correct but should nevertheless know better.


The Press Should Not Assume That the Debt Ceiling Won’t Be Hit Until ‘End of 2012′ or in ‘More Than Eight Months’

UncleSamInDebtWide0512A Los Angeles Times editorial on May 23, naturally accompanied by a dour photo of House Speaker John Boehner, stated as if it’s an indisputable fact that the August 2011 debt deal raised the ceiling by “enough to last until the end of 2012 or early 2013.” A Saturday AP report by Ken Thomas and Jim Kuhnhenn so filled with distortions that it’s virtually unreadable asserted, again as if it’s a no-doubt fact, that hitting the limit is “more than eight months away,” putting the ceiling-busting date at about January 31, 2013. Just a few of many other examples with late-December or later assumptions baked in are here (to be fair, this one frames it as a Geithner estimation), here, and here.

The real numbers, combined with the experience of the past two years, indicate that there is a good chance not only that we’re not going to be that lucky, but that the government could even hit the ceiling before Election Day.


AP ‘Fact Check’ Ignores Obama Stump Speech Claim of ‘Slowest’ Spending Growth ‘Since I Took Office’

ObamaInIowa0512At the Associated Press aka the Administration’s Press on Saturday (photo at right is a portion of the photo found at the link), Andrew Taylor’s “Fact Check” item on President Obama’s stump speech claim in Iowa on Thursday dove into the trees without first looking at the forest.

Distracted by ridiculousaurus Rex Nutting’s write-up earlier in the week at MarketWatch (“Obama spending binge never happened”), which absurdly claimed that “government outlays (are) rising at slowest pace since 1950s,” Taylor spent paragraph after paragraph going into the nuances of “the Wall Street bailout” (really TARP, which wasn’t all about “Wall Street,” unless GM and Chrysler have recently moved there) and the disputes over who should be responsible for various items of and increases in spending the fiscal 2009. He either didn’t understand — or didn’t want to communicate that he really did understand — exactly what President Obama said, which follows the jump:


Sunday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (052712)

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Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow later. Other topics are also fair game.


Positivity: Yorkshire Terrier pressed panic alarm after owner collapsed in the shower

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From Wrexham, North Wales (HT Daryn Kagan):

7:14AM BST 15 May 2012

A dog saved his owner after pressing the panic alarm to summon help when his owner collapsed.

Disabled Victoria Shaw, 58, had trained Louis, her Yorkshire terrier, to call for assistance.

“He’s just a pet but I’ve been training him to hit the button just in case,” said Mrs Shaw, from Wrexham, north Wales,

“But it’s always been just a bit of a game. This is the first time he’s done it for real.”

“I had been in the shower and I was just coming out when my slipper got caught under the rug and I tripped.

“I hit my back and my shoulder and felt my leg going underneath me and heard a crack – I thought I’d broken my knee, but I hadn’t.

“I broke my glasses, and I can’t see anything without them.

“I can’t remember hitting my head but I came round with my leg twisted under me and I could hear a voice.”

Mrs Shaw suffers from poor eyesight due to glaucoma and also suffers from arthritis and on Sunday she had a nasty fall getting out of the shower.

She twisted her leg and passed out. Due to her disability Mrs Shaw is registered with Wrexham Council’s Telecare service, meaning she has emergency panic-buttons in her home if she gets into difficulty.

She had previously put one of these on the floor and had trained Louis, nine-year-old Yorkshire terrier, to press it.

It was Louis’ barking that ChesterCare Telecare operative Sarah Mcloughlin was greeted with when she asked Mrs Shaw if she was okay.

Mrs Shaw said: “She asked ‘who raised the alarm?’ and I said it must have been Louis.

“He must have thought ‘this is not a game this is for real’, and hit the panic button. He was right beside me, right in my face – he wouldn’t leave me.”

Go here for the rest of the story.