June 19, 2012

BLUMER: Ohio SOS Mails Out Millions of Invitations to Commit Vote Fraud

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Clueless Jon Husted.

By Tom Blumer | Special to Ohio Watchdog

Sometimes — in fact, most of the time any more — it seems as if controversially remiss, vote fraud-condoning Democrat Jennifer Brunner never left her perch as Ohio’s Secretary of State.

Technically, Brunner was officially gone in early January 2011, but you’d never know it from the things her successor Jon Husted, who masquerades as a Republican, has done.

Husted, whose duties are supposed to include serving as the Buckeye State’s guardian of fair and clean elections, campaigned during the 2010 Republican primary as a fervent proponent of requiring voter identification at the polls, touting how he was “committed to preventing outside groups such as ACORN from illegally influencing our elections.”

Primary voters had little direct reason to doubt his sincerity (though indirectly, Husted’s serial misrepresentations about his place of residence for several years should have been seen as clear warning signs that this is not a man who can trusted on anything). After all, in 2006, Husted voted for and vocally supported a law requiring identification at the polls to cast a ballot sponsored by then-State Representative Kevin DeWine. The now-defunct Cincinnati Post quoted Husted on the day Governor Bob Taft signed the bill as follows: “We want to reform the system they want to complain about it. … We want to stop the cheating, they want to keep the loopholes alive.”

After his primary victory over a challenger backed by tea party supporters, Husted quietly removed voter-ID references at his campaign web site. In 2011, his first year in office, Husted did an about-face when he spoke out against voter ID before a vote on a bill containing that requirement in the Republican-controlled state Senate. The spineless Senate stripped away the voter-ID provision.

Now we learn, as reported by the Associated Press, that Husted’s office will be “distributing absentee voting applications to every registered voter ahead of November’s presidential election.”

30 percent of Ohio’s registered voters didn’t vote in the 2008 presidential election. It’s already sad but true that anyone who lives with a friend or relative who is serially apathetic can apply to receive an absentee ballot on their behalf, intercept it when it arrives in the mail, vote for them, fake their signature, and mail a completed fraudulent ballot back to their county’s elections board. Many caregivers for the elderly and infirm are also in a position to vote fraudulently for their charges with little worry about getting caught. Thanks to Husted, who was under no legal requirement to do what he did, anyone who wants to cast a vote on someone else’s behalf will now have a head start. Unethically inclvined folks to whom the idea of vote fraud would not have otherwise occurred without the mailing will now consider it.

Experience has shown that the preponderance of vote fraud is perpetrated by committed leftists. If Barack Obama wins Ohio by a few thousand votes in November, Jon Husted will probably be the reason why.


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  1. Husted is intimidated by the Democrat Party-supported large cities media machine in Ohio. He always seems to cave when they bring up voter IDs, etc. Of course, all the RINOs in Ohio cave to almost everything that the media champion. Look how they voted for SB5. It should have passed easily but it passed narrowly.

    Comment by toledojim — June 20, 2012 @ 3:25 pm

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