June 26, 2012

AP Relays Dems’ Press Release on Charlotte ‘Celebration’ Move; Bloomberg Revealed Likely Reason (Money) Hours Earlier

(Originally posted just after midnight, and moved to the top for Tuesday afternoon visibility.)

The stenographers at the Associated Press, aka the Administration’s Press, were apparently only too glad to relay the spin about the Monday night decision by organizers of the Democratic National Convention to move a “celebration” on September 3 from the Charlotte Motor Speedway to an unspecified (in the coverage) location in downtown Charlotte.

The AP’s virtual press release follows the jump, after which I’ll excerpt an item from Bloomberg a few hours ago containing the probable real explanation for the move — money.

Here is the AP’s story (time stamp is Mountain time, the same as 11:10 p.m. ET):


Here is Bloomberg’s heads-up from two hours earlier that the convention is having some problems — 27 million of ‘em:


Looks like things moved a lot faster than Bloomberg thought they would.

The coronation appears not to be proceeding according to plan.

I’m sure nobody at AP had any idea that money was an issue. (/sarc)

One wonders if the Dems are simply planning to hold the downtown “celebration” outside and saddle Charlotte with the costs of police protection and the like — or is that too cynical?

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