August 8, 2012

Obama’s ‘False Balance’ Howler

Clay Waters at NewsBusters addressed this item earlier today, but I want to emphasize one particular quote in the related New York Times piece which also caught the (possibly gullible) attention of Chris Ariens at Media Bistro’s TV Newser: “In private meetings with columnists, he has talked about the concept of ‘false balance’ — that reporters should not give equal weight to both sides of an argument when one side is factually incorrect. He frequently cites the coverage of health care and the stimulus package as examples, according to aides familiar with the meetings.”

Wow. Where do you start? I’ll cite just one example in each area Obama cited. I suspect readers will have more.

In health care, we were told that the basis for Obama’s strong convictions on state-run care is that insurance companies will arbitrarily deny coverage. He cited his mother’s end of life experience as an example. His claim that his mother was denied health insurance coverage has been proven beyond doubt as false.

On the stimulus, he insists in campaign speechese (example here) that “it worked.” Unemployment is still over 8%, and is actually increasing.

I’m sure readers have others. Have at it.

It would seem that the side which doesn’t deserve equal time currently works in the White House.

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