August 10, 2012

AP Report on West Coast Gas Prices Moving to $4 a Gallon Ignores How They’re Already There or Really Close Elsewhere

Last time I checked the Associated Press was a national news service.

So in a story about how a refinery fire in California will likely cause West Coast gas prices to hit $4 a gallon, why did reporter Jason Dearen ignore the fact that prices are already at $4 a gallon in many parts of the country already?

Specifically, as 8:30 this morning ET (quotes obtained at gas

  • In Chicago zip code 60614, the lowest prices found were $4.16 to $4.19 per gallon, with a $4.233 average for all of Chicago.
  • The average for all of Illinois was $4.043.
  • New York City’s average was $3.972, meaning that probably 40% or more of the stations in the area were over $4. A report on zip code 10010 showed the lowest price available at $3.93.

Gas prices have been rising and getting close to $4 — and as seen above, often exceeding it — in several parts of the country, while the establishment press is mostly silent. The AP wants to isolate the problem to something not public policy-related occurring on the West Coast (and that problem is arguably public policy-related anyway). Horse manure.

This would be covered as a political problem of massive proportions if a Republican or conservative were in the White House.

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