August 14, 2012

UPDATE: AP Corrects Aug. 10 Claim on Timing of Obama’s Promise to Cut Deficit in Half

APbudgetDeficitCorrectionStory081312wideLate this this afternoon, the Associated Press made a correction to Christopher Rugaber’s August 10 story on July’s federal budget results. His original claim, noted on August 11 by yours truly at NewsBusters and at BizzyBlog, was that Barack Obama’s promise to cut the deficit in half was something “he pledged to do during his 2008 campaign.”

As noted in my original post and its mirror, the only evidence of a “cut in half” promise I could locate was in February 2009, a month after Obama took office and shortly after the passage of the stimulus package. A February 21, 2009 AP story reported that such a promise was coming, and it became official two days later. After the jump, readers will find the text of the AP’s correction language (also found here, and currently listed at the top of its corrections link at its national site), followed by a few paragraphs from the original item up to where the correction has been incorporated:


AP’s Writeup on Expiration of Facebook ‘Lock-up’ Period Fails to Note Founder Zuckerberg’s $1B IPO Cash-out

In her story this afternoon on the imminent expiration of the company’s “lock-up” period during which certain employees and insiders must hold onto their company stock, Associated Press Technology writer Barbara Ortutay reports that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will be locked into his holdings until mid-November — while omitting out of apparent ignorance the fact that he previously cashed out to the tune of over $1 billion.

The relevant excerpts (full story saved here for future reference, fair use, and discussion purposes) follow the jump:


Seems Like He Wanted It to Be True: Slate’s Yglesias Runs With Unsupported Ryan Insider Trading Accusations

Matthew Yglesias has been posting at, supposedly a paragon of online establishment press journalism, as a business and economics correspondent since November of last year. His background is unmistakably leftist: ThinkProgress, the Atlantic, TPM Media, and the American Prospect.

On Saturday, a Yglesias found a blog post which was apparently too good to check at The Richmonder, a lefty enterprise run by Jerel Wilmore. The Richmonder’s post claimed that “Paul Ryan traded on insider information to avoid 2008 crash” (post has been retracted; excerpt was obtained at; some of what follow is also here):


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Positivity: Mini-rovers to make landing in classrooms

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From Cape Canaveral, Florida, and Greater Cincinnati:

8:17 PM, Aug. 6, 2012

Teachers get NASA training, bring lessons back to classrooms

On Monday (August 6) the NASA rover “Curiosity” made its much-anticipated landing on Mars and began its information-gathering mission.

In two weeks, mini LEGO replicas of the robot will make less-publicized landings in Cincinnati classrooms and teachers will begin missions of their own.

Their quest: making math and science fun – and relevant.

A group of teachers from three Cincinnati Public schools – Winton Hills Academy, Shroder High School, and William H. Taft Elementary School – attended a national training last month at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center near Cape Canaveral Florida.

The training, sponsored by the GE Foundation, taught teachers how to incorporate new math and science curriculum into the classroom. The teachers learned how to build their own mini rovers and turned the project into a lesson plan for their students.

“NASA basically taught us how to use the robotics program and tie it into a real world landing, like Curiosity landing on Mars,” said Kris Schellhous, who teaches third grade at Winton Hills.

The new national standards, adopted by 45 states, emphasize project-based learning to better prepare students for 21st century jobs. Ohio schools are supposed to fully implement the new standards, dubbed the “Common Core,” by 2013-14.

In Florida, teachers used LEGO Mindstorms robot-building kits to build and program the 10-inch-long replicas. They researched how the robots work and what commands they should know (like how to avoid an obstacle or pick up something). They reworked the project to survive budget cuts and looked at the topography of Mars to figure out where the rover should land.

This year, their students will do the same thing.

Go here for the rest of the story.