August 26, 2012

’2016: Obama’s America’ Grosses $6.238 Million for Weekend, Hits Number 6 on Political Documentaries Genre List

As I suggested yesterday (hardly a prediction since it was so clearly going to happen), “2016: Obama’s America” has taken in enough in estimated gross proceeds this weekend ($6.238 million from Friday through Sunday) to become the top conservative post-1982 documentary (and number six overall, behind four Michael Moore films and Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth”).

Some critiques, currently compiled at the Hollywood Reporter (this post went directly to the underlying write-ups), are coming in, and let just say that there’s no Michael Moore-level fawning:

The Hollywood Reporter’s Stephen Farber praised the film’s “fairly measured” look at Obama’s personal life and early history, however he found the film “really goes off the rails” when it moves from the biographical to the speculative.

“We hear about ‘Obama’s Chicago pal’ Bill Ayers, though D’Souza admits that Obama met Ayers in 1995, 25 years after Ayers’ involvement with the Weather Underground,” Farber wrote. “D’Souza also points out that Obama took a class at Columbia taught by Edward Said, the renowned pro-Palestinian scholar. Do any of these marginal associations prove that Obama aims to introduce socialism to America and undermine the state of Israel?”

Farber, who wrote his review on August 3, also predicts that the film “will make few waves at the box office or at the polling booth.” We’ll see, pal.

Here’s the most humorous paragraph from Andy Webster’s review of the film at the New York Times:

Mr. D’Souza revives figures tied to Mr. Obama by conservative critics in the last election, including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright; the Chicago educator, activist and former radical Bill Ayers; and Edward Said, a Palestinian scholar and a professor of Mr. Obama’s at Columbia, who died in 2003.

Yeah, if it weren’t for “conservative critics,” Obama wouldn’t be “tied” to these guys at all, despite having Wright officiate the Obamas’ marriage and Barack’s 18 years of membership, or despite Obama working for several years with Ayers on the Annenberg Challenge public school boondoggle.

At Slate, leftist reviewer David Weigel — well, it seems like he figured out that he couldn’t trash its accuracy, so he largely didn’t while quibbling a bit on some matters. It appears to be an exercise in benign neglect; once he got his required number of words in, he seemed to walk away.

Scott Whitlock at NewsBusters covered the Washington Post’s critique Saturday morning. The lowlight (of the critique, not Whitlock’s post) was reviewer Michael O’Sullivan’s statement that “D’Souza’s one-sided argument ultimately stoops to fear-mongering of the worst kind, stating in no uncertain terms that, if the president is reelected, the world four years from now will be darkened by the clouds of economic collapse, World War III (thanks to the wholesale renunciation of our nuclear superiority) and a terrifyingly ascendant new “United States of Islam” in the Middle East.”

That prediction is only barely more risky than my suggestion yesterday that D’Souza’s documentary would hit the number 6 spot in its genre.

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  1. Those reviewers are idiots. It’s irrelevant *when* Obama met Ayers, the fact is that Ayers has never renounced his extremist and violent views (“former” radical, my ass) and the fact that he and Obama were so close for so long shows that Obama is simpatico with said extremism. Sousa didn’t ‘admit’ anything because his point was not that Obama was a member of Ayers Weather Underground in the 60′s or 70′s (duh) but that BO’s association with a still radical Ayers is far from ‘marginal’ and is yet another example of BO’s radical ideology.

    Also, this guy wants proof that Obama is introducing socialism in America and undermining Israel? How about the fact that Obama has actually accelerated (socialism has been “introduced” here Farber, you moron) socialism in America (stimulus, Obamacare, Dodd/Frank, etc.) and undermined Israel (won’t visit, talks nice to Israel’s enemies, states Israel needs to go back to it’s pre-1967 borders, etc.) in the span of his four years? The Said and Ayers portions were simply to show yet more of BO’s connection and exposure to far left individuals and ideology, it was not meant as the *sole* evidences of anything. This Farber guy needs a refresher course in basic comprehension.

    And that last comment is risible for several reasons. Mainly, because what the hell does O’Sullivan think liberal documentaries are? Balanced and non-fear mongering? Give me a break. Moore is about as biased as you can get and was a fearmonger of the first rank, trying to convince everybody Bush was going to turn the US into fascism. And hello? “Inconvenient Truth?” The whole point of that documentary was to scare us all with exaggerated (Gore admitted as much!) tales of AGW inspired doomsday. Gore’s movie was nothing more than a giant example of fear-mongering of the worst kind!

    All those things predicted by Dinesh are already happening, for proof look at the collapse of Europe’s economy whose economic model Obama is using in the U.S, the rise of nuclear proliferation and aggression all over (and without us to check it because we’ve reduced our arsenal, does that O’Sullivan idiot think that there won’t then be worldwide conflicts?) and the consolidation of radical Islam in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iran, Palestine, Pakistan and how all those nations are working together. All of which is not fear-mongering but hard realities that you see in the headlines every day. And Obama’s policies are major factors in all of that. Dinesh isn’t saying all of this will completely happen if Obama is re-elected but that we will all be much closer to it if he does and that the shadows will get bigger. No sensible person can truly dispute any of that.

    Comment by zf — August 26, 2012 @ 10:39 pm

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