September 19, 2012

Charts of the Day on Econ Decay

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The first of three charts this morning shows unemployment under Obama compared to all other Post-WWII presidents (a more visually pleasing version is at Instapundit):


Update to Chart 1: A temperamental connection this morning swallowed up something which I had drafted. Here goes the attempt at recreation –

  • Ford’s 12 months of 8%+ unemployment in calendar 1975 followed Nixon’s rudderless final 18 months in office. Ford didn’t right the ship in time, and lost to Jimmy Carter.
  • Reagan’s 26 months of 8%+ employment followed Carter’s awful presidency; Reaganomics righted the ship and began 25 years of nearly unbroken prosperity.
  • Obama’s 43 months, and counting, are still being blamed on what he supposed inherited from George W. Bush, when the fact is that Obama is dealing with the fallout from the POR Economy (initiated by Pelosi, Obama, and Reid for the purpose of winning the 2008 election), the housing and mortgage-lending crackup which was the inevitable result of flawed Democratic housing policies, and 15 years of mortgage securitization fraud at Democrat crony companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The second chart hits on an underappreciated explanation for why the “recovery” has been so weak, via James Pethokoukis:


I believe that two factors are at work here: fewer start-ups, and fewer workers hired at each new start-up.

Chart 3 lays out ObamaCare’s taxes, and comes from Heritage:


It’s a miracle, and really a tribute to the entrepreneurship which still remains, that the we still don’t have double-digit official unemployment. (A commenter today noted that it is in double digits by several legitimate measurements.)



  1. Those 3 charts pretty much encapsulate the argument why unemployment will remain high for the foreseeable future unless ObamaCare is repealed. No investor is going to risk capital for the sake of diminishing returns for the next 8 years. Returns are what’s left AFTER everyone gets paid, including the help. It’s the law of risk versus reward.

    A person risks capital on the expectation of a return that is greater than stuffing your mattress (bonds) with $100 bills and having to feed a rottweiler (CPA) to protect it from thieves (politicians).

    Comment by dscott — September 19, 2012 @ 12:28 pm

  2. What? There is double-digit unemployment right now. Our govt. has changed the criteria until it have an acceptable percentage. In fact, there is at least 17-22% unemployment.

    But then, to the chart, Obama’s record of months of unemployment is something we don’t see on CNN/FOX, just the Internet. So, thank you for getting the real news out that effects each of us.

    Comment by OhioRiver — September 19, 2012 @ 12:57 pm

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  4. Here’s a chart that demonstrates why Obama in a 2nd term will not renew the Bush Tax Cuts since there will be no need to get re-elected and shows how much of the economic output he plans to take. Observe the level of taxation and what Obama proposes to spend…

    More importantly, the chart reveals what the Democrats and liberal MSM are attempting to hide in the paying higher taxes is patriotic meme. Just look at the level of revenue the Bush tax cuts still take from the economy in ever increasing trends and Dems are mad that is isn’t more. Something that also should be pointed out but rarely discussed is that the so called Tax Cuts are merely the resetting of the tax rates to the PRE-Clinton tax increase, a tax increase that was passed by a Democrat run house and senate which turned over to Republican hands as a result.

    Obama intends to confiscate up to 20% of the economic output of the country by the end of his 2nd term.

    Comment by dscott — September 20, 2012 @ 4:57 pm

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