October 13, 2012

Oh Please Let This Happen (‘Million Muppet March’)

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Reuters, for the “You Can’t Make This Up” file:

“Million Muppet March” planned to defend U.S. backing for PBS

The planned date is the Saturday before Election Day.

Not only is this the ultimate in political buffoonery, it has special relevance to the incumbent president, as Ed Driscoll noted at Instapundit yesterday:

But it gets better: Obama himself was at Louis Farrakhan’s original Million Man March in 1995. Whatever happens the following Tuesday, if the “Million Muppet March” actually does take place, it will be quite a bookend to the activist career of the World’s Biggest Media Myth.

An estimate 400,000. or 40% of the claimed goal, attended the original Million Man March. Team Obama and people who claim to support him are working very hard to scare 40% or more of his 2008 supporters away. I wish them continued success.

At Bloomberg, Kinsley Claims ‘No Major Terrorist Episodes’ on Obama’s Watch

In an op-ed at “Bloomberg View” on Wednesday evening, editor and columnist Michael Kinsley’s headline teased that “Maybe President Romney Wouldn’t Be So Bad,” before twice urging readers to vote to reelect President Obama, including in the final paragraph after an alleged parenthetical (and obviously mythical) “Pause for reflection.” Ha ha.

What came in between wasn’t very funny at all — and since he’s an editor, his view of things presumably has impact beyond his columns. The worst whoppers came in the following paragraph:


NewsBusters (101212)

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Here we go, with guest hostess Julia Willis, who again did a fine job:

- National Geographic Channel
–Pensylvania Voter ID Law
–Iranian Currency
–Gasoline Prices
–Gay characters on Television
–Die Hard 5
–Brazil Contest

Best Line: “A Pennsylvania judge blocked a voter ID law from taking effect before the November election. The Democrat Party is so happy, they immediately resumed their voter registration drive in Pennsylvania cemeteries.”

Saturday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (101312)

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Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow later. Other topics are also fair game.


Positivity: Teaching with her toes: Armless tutor inspires students

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TeachingWithHerFeet1012From Lakewood, Ohio:

10/1/2012 12:04:55 PM ET

It’s a new school year and students are getting to know their teachers – but one special teacher is receiving attention for her fancy footwork.

Mary Gannon, a 24-year-old math tutor, was born without arms and teaches with her toes, amazing and inspiring students and staff at Harding Middle School in Lakewood, Ohio. She’s become a living example that anything is possible.

Gannon drives, dresses, cooks, types emails and writes math problems on the board – all with her toes. Gannon is right-footed and jokes that she can’t read her writing with her left foot.

She applies her personal experience with overcoming adversity in the classroom with students who need added help in math. Missing arms means a calculated compensation in everything she does. Gannon’s a problem solver in – and out – of the classroom.

“I’m not saying I don’t get frustrated,” she admitted to TODAY.com. “Watching a normal person carry something heavy, I wish it would take me two seconds to carry groceries.”

Gannon grades papers with her right foot — because she can’t read her writing with her left foot.

Quotations she lives by fill a bulletin board in her classroom. One reads, “Life has no limitations except the ones you make.” Students threatening to give up on a seemingly impossible math problem are directed to look at the board. Gannon herself finds the word “handicap” limiting for someone who dreams so big.

“I have a bunch of goals for myself: Being a full-time math teacher and having one grade to focus on,” said Gannon, an ambitious recent college graduate who started as a substitute teacher at Harding Middle School before becoming a math tutor.

As far as her students, Gannon told TODAY.com, “I personally go out of my way to explain.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.