November 4, 2012

About Those Romney-Ryan Sign Theft Arrests: The Truck’s Registration

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One underappreciated element of the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s report is that the truck the four men arrested were using to hold the signs they stole is “owned by Sheet Metal Workers International, Union Local 33 in Parma, according to the police report.”

Parma, a suburb of Cleveland, is 107 miles from Perrysburg.

Were these four guys freelancing, or is there a wider conspiracy to remove Romney-Ryan signs throughout Northern Ohio?

Lame: ‘Million Puppet March’ Draws ‘Hundreds’

How lame was Washington’s “Million Puppet March” yesterday? So lame that I couldn’t even find a story about the event at the Associated Press’s national web site.

Planning for the event began several weeks ago after GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said in the first presidential debate that despite his love for Sesame Street’s Big Bird he would not advocate further public funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Oddly, an unbylined AP story at the Washington Post written sometime earlier this week which was apparently not treated as a national story gave readers the impression that the idea for the march had only come up a few days earlier (posted in full because of its brevity and for fair use and discussion purposes):


Sunday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (110412)

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Positivity: Sistine Chapel reveals light of God, Pope says on 500th anniversary

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From Vatican City:

Oct 31, 2012 / 01:33 pm

The Sistine Chapel ceiling is celebrating its 500th anniversary today, and Pope Benedict XVI followed in the footsteps of his predecessor Pope Julius II, who unveiled the masterpiece by saying vespers there.

Pope Benedict said in his Oct. 31 address that he was marking the anniversary of this “liturgical classroom” with vespers because “the works of art which decorate it, especially the frescos, find in the liturgy … their living environment.”

“It is as if during the liturgical action, the entire symphony of figures comes alive, certainly in the spiritual sense, but also…in the aesthetic sense,” the Pope remarked. “The Sistine Chapel, encompassed in prayer, is even more beautiful, more authentic; it reveals all of its treasures.”

He also reflected on what it must have been like to see the ceiling when it was first unveiled on Oct. 31, 1512.

The frescoes exude light, but they are also permeated with the idea of the light of God, the Pope observed.

“That light, with its power, conquers the chaos and darkness to give life; in creation and in redemption. The Sistine Chapel tells the story of light, liberation, salvation; it speaks of God’s relationship with humanity,” he declared. …

Go here for the rest of the story.