November 5, 2012

Monday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (110512)

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  1. Just one example of Obama’s policies making the American worker poorer and why middle class incomes dropped by $4000 over 4 years:

    Kroger to Slash Hourly Workers to Avoid Obamacare Penalties

    Last week we found out that, beginning in January, any employee who is not full-time at that point, will be limited to 28 hours per week and all new hires will be subject to the same policy.

    Currently, part-time employees can work as many hours as needed.

    Many Kroger employees, I believe, will be shocked to find out about this new policy.

    What this means is that Obamacare will stop tens of thousands of Kroger employees — most of whom depend on and need the money — from working more than 28 hours!

    Kroger is doing this to avoid paying for full-time healthcare for employees who currently only receive part-time benefits. And they will not get hit with the $3000 penalty.

    Remember my previous post link to Political Calculations on who is the target of ObamaCare?

    If you make less than $59k, you will in all probability lose your job or be cut to less than 30 hours to avoid the $3000 per employee tax that liberals have decided to impose on any employer of significant size. I call this job rationing. It’s up to you, Obama or your job. Vote for Obama, means ObamaCare stays and that means you either lose your job or be cut back to less than 30 hours thus losing any health insurance you may have had just because a bunch a bureaucrats decided it was their larded up policy or nothing. But hey it might not be a total loss, you might qualify for food stamps like 43 million other people so far.

    The whole point of larding up the benefits is to force everyone into a single payer system (Medicaid) with the government dictating the coverage so that a select group of people can have free abortions, free sex change operations and other elective medical services at your cost. They were too cheap to pay for their lifestyle choices themselves so they decided you would pay for it by socializing their losses.

    Comment by dscott — November 5, 2012 @ 10:14 am

  2. Strong words from the father, Charles Woods of Tyrone Woods, Navy Seal who gave his life to save others: Murderer and Coward

    Libyan Scandal Video: SEAL’s Father Charles Woods Meets Obama and Has Stunning Revelations

    The newest revelation of the scandal is that were it not for the two Navy Seals disobeying the orders to stand down, many more people at the consulate would have died!!!! These two heros didn’t show up after the fact, they came in the middle of the attack and blunted it. Had they not done so more people would have been left to their fate by an incompetent Commander in Chief. Barack Obama literally made the decision to NOT intervene and thus abandon Americans into the hands of barbarians.

    Let’s recap the pertinent facts, two Navy Seals disobeyed orders, picked up weapons thrown down by Libyan guards, killed 60 of almost 200 attackers, helped evacuate the consulate saving many lives (28 of 30), repeatedly asked for help, Obama using a political calculation and via his incompetent minions deny those requests for help even though an AC 130 U Spectre Gunship was nearby chomping at the bit repeatedly requesting to fire, armed predator drones were in the area, two drones were videoing the whole action and the British were available with even greater assets in the area than the US…

    Charles Woods while morally correct calling it murder, realizes it doesn’t meet the legal definition. Obama, the consummate lawyer has a history of legal technicalities. A Sovereign can never be guilty of murder by refusing to act, depraved indifference – yes. Feckless and Incompetent.

    Comment by dscott — November 5, 2012 @ 11:31 am

  3. To be taken as unconfirmed and definitely with a grain of salt: claims Admiral Gaouette under suspicion for planning overthrow of Obama if re-elected!!!!

    The website is known for the Enquirer like stories, however, every once in a while they actually have a story that is true but stranger than fiction like the audit of the Federal Reserve loaning out $16 trillion. Let’s just call it a speculation as to why an admiral was relieved of his command for charges other than personal indiscretions.

    Comment by dscott — November 5, 2012 @ 11:39 am

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