November 7, 2012

Good, Bad, Ugly in Election Results

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I’ll be rounding up other election-related news throughout this afternoon.

Michele Bachmann survived in her Minnesota congressional race. I didn’t think she would.

For those who didn’t realize it, Paul Ryan will be back in Congress.

Republicans prevailed in both of Ohio’s contested congressional races. Bill Johnson defeated Charlie Wilson in OH-06, while Jim Renacci bested Betty Sutton in OH-15. The R-D balance in Ohio’s congressional delegation is 12-4.

In the Ohio House, the R-D balance appears to be 58-41 (I may be off by one). Only three of the races (2 with R winners, one with a D winner) appear to involve possible recounts. Republicans prevailed in 15 of 18 contested State Senate races (16 regular and two for unexpired terms); I don’t know what that does to the Statehouse balance.

In an Ohio Supreme Court race, Ted Strickland’s attempt to create a sinecure for Yvette McGee Brown, his Lt. Governor running mate in 2010, failed, as she was defeated by Sharon Kennedy.

In the City of Cincinnati, a referendum to give City Councilpersons four-year terms with no recall provision instead of the current two appears to have passed, barring an unforeseen turnaround in remaining overseas and provisional ballots. Former councilpersons from both parties strongly opposed the change. City government is now far less accountable. This is not good. Cincinnati’s slide as a city will likely continue.

Indiana’s Congressional delegation will be 7-2 R-D. Kentucky’s will be 5-1 R-D. Pennsylvania’s will be 12-6 R-D.


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  1. In regards to the referendum, what possesses people to vote for something like that, which gives even more power to the political elite?

    Not that I am picking on your home state. My fellow Floridians made some questionable decisions themselves, mainly voting to force public funding of the murder of the unborn, voting to force people to buy health insurance, voting to discriminate against religious charities simply because they are religious (isn’t it sick how the fanatical secularists get their panties all twisted in a knot at the slightest interaction between religion and government?) and keeping our crappy tax structure. That is all just as bleeped up as can be. Yeah, I am disgusted for reasons besides Obama.

    Also, Jesse Jackson Jr, Alan Grayson, and Fauxcahontas Warren get elected by large margins? What in the hell is wrong with voters? At lot of bad America destroying crap got acceptance on Election Day, Obama is just for starters.

    There is just something very wrong with our country.

    Comment by zf — November 7, 2012 @ 3:44 pm

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