November 9, 2012

Don’t Let the Screen Door Hit You on the Way Out, Steve LaTourette

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At Politico:

Steve LaTourette: Tea party claim is ‘crap’

Republican Rep. Steve LaTourette slammed the Tea Party on Thursday and said the GOP needs to start acting like a national party.

“There’s a one-word phrase we use in Ohio for that: ‘crap,’” LaTourette said on CNN’s “Starting Point,” when asked whether he bought a Tea Party leader’s line that that group is the nation’s “last best hope” to “restore America’s founding principles.”

“That’s nonsense,” LaTourette continued. He said that a number of congressional losses Tuesday underscore the dangers facing the GOP.

Unanswered by the retiring LaTourette, whose district was eliminated in redistricting: Well then, who is?

The Ohio GOP delegation has just lost its squishiest member (2011 Club for Growth rating, 42%; lifetime 45%). With that kind of record, I suspect that even establishment Republicans, who by their actions show that they despise the Tea Party even more than they detest Democrats, aren’t saddened by his departure.


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  1. Tangentially related:

    Looking at the national exit poll

    While this poll does not address the effectiveness of getting 9 million Democrats NOT to vote for Obama by not showing up at the polls, the comments note that 5 million more young people voted for Obama. In other words gullibility was a major factor in the election as this age group with zero life experience are frequently misled with promises and lack the cynicism to examine assertions. Where as Seniors voted overwhelmingly for Romney due to their cynicism. Only a young person would be fooled by Obama’s false assertion that pediatricians get more money for referring a child for a tonsillectomy, a senior knows better.

    One point of disagreement with the conclusion of the piece is the comment on seniors (65+) dying to reduce their numbers. Current demographics insures that the senior vote will be INCREASING not decreasing due to the timing of the baby boomers. Yes, seniors will die, however there are plenty in our age group (45 to 64) to replace those who pass on to a better existence. So come 2016, IF seniors as a group are truly displeased with Obama’s performance, Democrats are going to take a severe drubbing no matter how slick their promises are to the young (18 to 29) since their numbers are DECREASING and not increasing due to the dropping birth rates.

    Obama also lost among the 45 to 64 vote as well. This suggests that future GOP targeting of the 30 to 44 voter where Obama did reasonable well but the GOP did respectful is where their efforts should be concentrated. This age group is where cynicism is developing through realizing of repeated broken promises by Democrats. Focus on the broken promises, the young as a group will always be easily fooled but the maturing adults of 30+ are open to reality over utopic promises.

    What is interesting to note also is that Romney’s religion had little to do to suppress the GOP vote among Evangelicals or Jews.

    Comment by dscott — November 9, 2012 @ 8:57 am

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