November 20, 2012

Military Ballots Link

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Military ballots held? —

Hope someone in Congress will investigate, but I’ll bet not. UPDATE: See comments below about the link. It’s well-disguised satire. Given what really was happening in Florida with military ballot exclusions in 2000 before the Supreme Court put a stop to all of the nonsense, the attempt at “humor” is pathetic.

AP Story on Bridge Bomb Plotters’ Sentencing Fails to Note Their Occupy Cleveland Ties, OWS Support

Continuing his wire service’s sadly predictable kid-glove treatment of the Occupy movement which sometimes verges on open romance, Chuck Murr’s Tuesday evening story at the Associated Press on the sentencing of three of the five participants in the foiled plot to bomb a major bridge in a Cleveland suburb utterly failed to note the active involvement of the convicted domestic terrorists (the sentencing judge’s characterization) with Occupy Cleveland. It also failed to note a supportive tweet sent by Occupy Wall Street (HT claiming “entrapment” and linking to a legal defense fund web site.

By contrast, in its coverage of the sentencing today, the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s James F. McCarty reminded readers, complete with a link back to the paper’s May 2 story describing their involvement, that all five were “members of Occupy Cleveland movement.”


Press Virtually Ignoring Lisa Jackson’s Use of ‘Alias’ Email Accounts for Official Business

It’s been over a week since the Michael Bastasch at the Daily Caller exposed EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s use of alias email accounts to conduct official business. A Monday evening Investor’s Business Daily editorial noted that this practice is more than likely illegal, because “Federal law prohibits the government from using private emails for official communications unless they are appropriately stored and can be tracked” — something which can hardly be done if non-flagged Jackson accounts are under names like “Richard Windsor.”

Despite the obvious journalistic hot buttons of government secrecy and stonewalling (the Competitive Enterprise Institute has been trying through freedom of information requests since May and a lawsuit filed a few months later to get the EPA to reveal the contensts of “certain correspondence on the secondary email account assigned to” Ms. Jackson), establishment press coverage has been virtually non-existent.


First Pass: Year Eight’s Annual ‘Christmas’ and ‘Holiday’ Searches

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Just doing the Google News searches quickly today, given other commitments.

For those who are relatively new and need background, go here to the first post on search done on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving in 2010.

Here goes:

That’s an extraordinarily low percentage for the “Christmas” component.

Now on to the second set of searches:

  • Christmas layoffs (not in quotes, also excluding the word “challenger” to ensure that about 30 items relating to the mass layoffs report issued by Challenger & Christmas were exluded) — 9,890 (20.6%)
  • Holiday layoffs (not in quotes) — 15,000 (31.1%)
  • Holidays layoffs (not in quotes) — 23,200 (48.3%)

The sheer quantity of layoff stories this year is about 100 times (not kidding) greater than that seen at the same time last year. No doubt the Hostess situation is contributing to that, and it’s possible that Google News has loosened its rules for news site inclusion. Even considering those factors, the bigger story may be that there are more layoffs now than there were a year ago, despite what the weekly claims numbers are saying, and despite the press crowing about an improved economy.

One of the basic truths found for the past six years running continues to hold. The press is far more likely to use “Christmas” in connection with layoffs (roughly 3.5 times as likely in the most recent set — 20.6% vs. 5.9%), an obviously negative thing, than it is to use “Christmas” in connection with shopping and commerce, a generally positive or neutral thing.

A related NewsBusters post is here.

Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (112012)

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Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow later. Other topics are also fair game.


Positivity: Archbishop Chaput — being a saint is the only thing that matters

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From Philadelphia:

Nov 17, 2012 / 06:09 am

At a conference on faith and evangelization, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia told participants that sanctity is the single necessity in a person’s life.

“The only thing that matters is to be a saint. That’s what we need to be. That’s what we need to become,” he said at the Nov. 16 Catholic Life Congress in Philadelphia.

Archbishop Chaput began his talk, titled “Renewing the Church and Her Mission in a ‘Year of Faith,’” by discussing the nature of faith. He said the Nicene Creed, recited at every Sunday Mass, is the “framework and fundamental profession” of Catholic belief.

“The less we understand the words of the Creed and revere the meaning behind them, the farther away we drift from our Catholic identity – and the more confused we become about who we really are as Christians.”

The archbishop discussed the importance of personal integrity, and the role of Sunday Mass in forming our lives throughout the rest of the week.

“We need to give our hearts to what we hear and what we say in our public worship. Otherwise, little by little, we become dishonest.”

Faith, he told his listeners, “is confidence in things unseen based on the word of someone we know and love – in this case, God…only a living encounter and a living relationship with Jesus Christ make faith sustainable.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.