December 12, 2012

Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (121212)

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  1. Speaking of tax avoidance meme and Obama’s tax the rich campaign, it seems Obama’s supporters are literally taking Obama at his word and so protecting themselves from the very policy they advocate:

    Berkshire Seeks To Avoid 2013 Tax Hike, Buys Back BRK Shares

    Bahahahahaahahahahahaaa. ROFL, I’m sorry but as hypocritical and down right disgusting as the actions of Buffett avoiding the very tax increase he advocated, you just can’t make this crap up. If anything exposes the utter hypocrisy of Obama, Buffett’s actions do. Once again, Obama says one thing and then promptly does the EXACT opposite. The best part though is the absolute gullible Rube-ness of the majority of voters who elected Obama because they believe taxing the rich at a greater rate brings in more revenue over time. It is truly unbelievable the stupidity exhibited by the people who live in this country.

    How many times does a mark have to be fleeced by the con man before the mark realizes he has been had???? I think we are about to test those limits. This goes back to my earlier proposition that the Democrat Party is NOT about Socialism but about Corporatism and that they are an organized criminal enterprise whose sole intent is to enrich themselves perpetually.

    Corporatism, Corruption and Fascism

    Comment by dscott — December 12, 2012 @ 11:50 am

  2. Poltifact should rename itself to Poltifact According to Libs. They called Romney’s Jeep ad the “Lie of the Year.” Now I understand Tom wrote that the ad was mistaken, but I don’t see any evidence it was a deliberate lie, it did have some truth to it, and in fact most people didn’t see it and that it was at best a side issue to a side issue.

    I can name a lot worse actual lies from Obama and his ilk. How about that Romney was responsible for a mans death? Or that he forcibly cut a guys hair? Or Obama’s major whopper of claiming that he created more jobs than Bush? Hell, what about that massive lie about Benghazi?

    Fact is, Benghazi should have been “Lie of the Year” but that would make libs look bad.

    Comment by zf — December 12, 2012 @ 12:01 pm


    What’s really behind the fiscal cliff, or should I say at the bottom of it.

    Comment by dscott — December 12, 2012 @ 1:56 pm

  4. It’s a sarcastic suggestion of course, but is it?????

    Why Obama May Mint a Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin

    bahaha, nervously chuckling, may be a little too close to the truth…but it does serve the end game of Obamanomics.

    Comment by dscott — December 12, 2012 @ 2:21 pm

  5. #1, Left leaning Washington Post is also doing something along the same lines.

    Shocker, huh?

    I notice a lot of people debate of whether libs/Dems are statists, socialists, communists, fascists, progressives, or corporatists. Personally, I think the supposed differences in all those ideologies are either at worse nil or at best splitting hairs. I think all those terms are accurate descriptions, they are all of those at heart even if they apply the tactics of each differently and in different amounts at different times. Hence why there is so much debate of what most accurately describes them. With libs it’s about expediency, not consistency.

    What Buffet needs to realize is that he is only hurting himself. The people he is trying to appease are never going to truly like him (he is, after all, an “evil capitalist” at the end of the day, rhetoric aside) and by taking the tact and ideology that he has he is alienating those who might have been more sympathetic toward him otherwise. And one day, this alienation could bit him in the butt. In fact, this can be said about many left leaning CEO’s and business owners, large and small.

    Comment by zf — December 12, 2012 @ 2:23 pm

  6. Not just a fraudster, but also a woman beater:

    Comment by zf — December 12, 2012 @ 2:24 pm

  7. #4, If he did mint such a coin, I bed he’d put his mug on it. Ever notice all his “tributes” are a photo of him?

    Comment by zf — December 12, 2012 @ 2:56 pm

  8. Governor Says Pa. Won’t Set up Health Exchange

    Pennsylvania will not set up its own health care exchange under the federal Affordable Care Act — at least not for now, Gov. Tom Corbett said Wednesday.

    Setting up a state-based exchange would be irresponsible, Corbett said as he faulted federal authorities for what he said were inadequate answers to his questions about cost and other issues.

    “Health care reform is too important to be achieved through haphazard planning,” said the Republican governor. “Pennsylvania taxpayers and businesses deserve more. They deserve informed decision making and a strong plan that responsibly uses taxpayer dollars.”…

    …Corbett said it “would be irresponsible to put Pennsylvanians on the hook for an unknown amount of money to operate a system under rules that have not been fully written.”

    Another finger in Obama’s eye.

    What I want to know is how PA went for a Repub governor and not for Romney? I was checking his vote count out in PA but then that was for 2010 not 2012.
    Had the GOP capitalized on ObamaCare properly in the presidential election of 2012 Romney would have won PA. I guess I answered my own question.

    Comment by dscott — December 12, 2012 @ 3:14 pm

  9. Yet another, now you tell us story:


    U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez employed as an unpaid intern in his Senate office an illegal immigrant who was a registered sex offender, now under arrest by immigration authorities, The Associated Press has learned. The Homeland Security Department instructed federal agents not to arrest him until after Election Day, a U.S. official involved in the case told the AP.

    Who at Homeland Security authorized the delay? What did Big Sis, Attorney General Holder and President Obama know and when did they know it? Why the incurious stance by the MSM?

    Comment by dscott — December 12, 2012 @ 3:36 pm

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