December 16, 2012

Politico, in Discussing Obama’s Delayed 2014 ‘Budget’ Proposal, Fails to Note No Real Budget Passed For Four Years

One of the most frustrating elements of the just-completed presidential race was the utter failure of Mitt Romney’s campaign to make sure the American people learned that their government hasn’t passed a budget since April 29, 2009. It seems that because those who follow the news closely already knew that, they figured the rest of the country did, which was — and still is — not the case.

Of course, the other reason besides the lack of Republican and conservative assertiveness is the establishment press’s utter failure to report it. Another in a long line of such failures appeared in the Politico this afternoon via David Rogers. Rogers covered how fiscal cliff discussions are delaying the White House’s annual farce known as the President’s budget for the 2014 fiscal year while of course failing to note that U.S. government hasn’t passed a real budget for nearly four years:


Virtually Unreported: CCW Holder Likely Prevented Larger Clackamas Mall Death Toll

If certain aspects of stories relating to an incident of gun violence don’t fit the template, they usually doesn’t get reported at all. But if such things somehow get some local exposure, they rarely escape into the broader national news environment. What follows is an example of the latter.

On Saturday, Dan Zimmerman at the Truth About Guns blog (HT Instapundit) asked a quite logical question about the horrible murders at Oregon’s Clackamas Mall on December 11, and referred readers to a report from local Portland TV station KGW (video at link) which provides the probable answer:


From the ‘Hopefully, Never to Return’ Dept.

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Michael Walsh at National Review, who asked the question before the election, asks it again, wherein he poses the question which answers the main question:

Or is it that, having lost a Senate race to Ted Kennedy in 1994, the 2008 nomination to McCain, and the 2012 race to Obama, his opinion is no longer considered worth much?

Answer: Yes.

Indeed, as Walsh writes:

The more I ponder the chimerical presidential campaign of Mitt Romney, the more I’ve become convinced it was all a practical joke played on gullible suckers by the GOP’s krack kadre of kampaign konsultants, a phantom “run” designed to hoover as much money out of the fat cats’ wallets as possible and deliver almost nothing in return aside from a few swing-state ad buys. How else to explain the nomination of a man long out of office, with a proven record of failure at the ballot box, who stood far from the intellectual center of contemporary conservatism or even establishment Republicanism? Who crushed his flawed and sometimes bizarre Republican competition for the nomination with money and scorched-earth tactics, but then mysteriously refused to engage with President Obama on all but the most timid, anodyne level?

Well, Michael, the press knew that Romney would be Obama’s weakest conceivable opponent, and went relentlessly to work making stuff up about Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and others to eliminate them from serious consideration — and nobody in the Republican establishment ever rose up to defend them, because Karl Rove and the rest of the establishment had already decided on the outcome they wanted.

Not News: Detroit-Area Pastor Threatens Campaign of Harassment Against Mich. Gov. and Family (‘You Won’t Get No Rest’)

Imagine for a moment if a Christian fundamentalist pastor publicly threatened a Democratic Party governor about to sign a legitimately passed bill into law with a long-term campaign of public harassment for doing so. Now imagine if that pastor extended that threat to include appearances at the governor’s home and at his children’s sporting events, and that Republican and conservative elected officials on hand during the pastor’s announcement voiced no objection to the pastor’s threats. All of that would be news, right?

Well, Detroit pastor Charles E. Williams II, described here as “Pastor, Historic King Solomon Baptist Church and President (of) National Action Network Michigan,” made such public threats against Republican Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and his family this week — and it’s not news at the Associated Press, New York Times, or really anywhere except several center-right blogs and publications. Specifics from the coverage at Michigan Confidential follow the jump (HT the Weekly Standard; bolds are mine; video is at the link):


Sunday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (121612)

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Positivity: Vatican Small town’s Christmas tree brings splendor to Vatican

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From Vatican City:

Dec 14, 2012 / 04:20 pm

A young boy named Mario had the honor of lighting a majestic Christmas tree in St. Peter’s Square on the evening of Dec. 14.

At 5:00 p.m., the lights of the 70-foot silver fir donated by the small town of Pescopennataro, Italy bathed the iconic square in a soft white light.

“Christmas trees are a sign of God’s light, which continues to shine despite attempts to put it out,” Pope Benedict XVI told a delegation from Molise, the region where the tree came from.