December 29, 2012

Positivity: Woman Meets Medical Team Who Saved Her Life

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From Athens, Alabama (see video at link for full impact):

Posted on: 5:06 am, December 22, 2012

Sandra Whitfield believes she is a medical miracle. When you hear her story, you’ll be hard pressed not to agree.

It was November 11, 2011, a typical day for Sandy and her husband, Danny. After a typical day of errands, the Athens couple settled in for dinner and a movie.

Suddenly, Sandra started complaining of chest pain. Danny got worried and decided to check her blood pressure.

After a second reading gave Danny the same number, he immediately called 911. An ambulance arrived at their home minutes later.

The ambulance rushed Sandra to Athens Limestone Hospital. Doctors say they tried everything to get Sandra’s heartbeat back to normal after it had stopped. They say most of the time they don’t get a good outcome, but this time, it worked. …

Go here for the rest of the story.


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