December 30, 2012

Lone Gun-Grab Advocating Protester Gets Headline, Photo and Major Attention in Gun Show Coverage at Denver Station

So it’s come to this: While those who gather by the hundreds, thousands, and sometimes even by the hundreds of thousands in support of conservative causes or against liberal ones usually are either ignored, underestimated, or denigrated by the establishment press, one gun-grabbing advocate protesting at a local gun show gets sympathetic treatment in one-third to one-half of a two-minute segment at a local TV station, along with front-page rotation at its web site.

Readers who have followed the controversy over a New York newspaper’s decision to published the names and addresses of all pistol permit holders in two Empire State counties will surely note the irony in how the CBS station in Denver which covered Saturday’s Tanner Gun Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart didn’t name the lone protester, only referring to her in their televised report as “Karen.” The woman is not named at all in the related text coverage, some of which follows the jump:

Lone Protester Pickets Tanner Gun Show In Denver

As the debate over gun control continues big crowds were met with a protester at the Tanner Gun Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart on Saturday.

Ever since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, there have been increased talks about gun control in the United States.

People were filing in an out of the Tanner Gun Show proudly putting their First Amendment right to use. Some bought guns for hunting, others for protection. They were met with opposition as one lone protester picketed out front in support of a ban on so called assault weapons.

“Something snapped in me and I have to say something,” the protester said.

… Despite their opposing views on gun control, the people do agree on one thing — something needs to be done in hopes of preventing another tragic school shooting.

Despite protesting alone, the woman said she plans to be picketing the gun show the entire weekend and will gladly discuss her views with anyone who disagrees with her.

In the text coverage, “Karen” got the headline, the segment’s photo, and, depending on how one tallies these things, was referenced in four to six paragraphs of the content. Meanwhile, the thousands who attended the show got six or seven paragraphs. In terms of TV time and visibility, “Karen’s” protest sign is what one sees before the clicking on the broadcast segment’s screen to begin playing it, while her sign appears on five separate occasion in 115 seconds.

One protester gets nearly half of the attention; thousands of attendees get the rest. Yeah, that’s fair and balanced (/sarcasm).

And yes, “Karen” is a gun-grabber. Her sign reads “Ban All Assault Weapons.” Definitional issues aside, that can only be accomplished by taking away those which law-abiding citizens already own.

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